May 27, 2022

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Workers’ $ 10 sick leave and childcare, NDP promises

Workers' $ 10 sick leave and childcare, NDP promises

Requiring Labor Day, New Democrats on Monday unveiled a plan to support Canadian workers, ranging from the provision of paid sick leave, to providing federal minimum wages or childcare services up to $ 10.

“Many workers are not allowed to stay home when they are sick, either because their employer discouraged them or because they could not bear it. The epidemic has made matters worse,” NDP leader Jagmeet Singh said during a visit to Hamilton, Ontario.

The New Democratic Party (NDP) has promised workers in federal jurisdiction 10 days of paid sick leave, including a proposal made by the Liberals in the first week of the election campaign.

However, Justin Trudeau considered it too late to announce the party, which, according to the NDP, has been repeatedly asked to implement these holidays in the past.

“Rejecting 22 times when anything is most needed and promising in the middle of a campaign is the height of political apathy.” The NDP has criticized the Prime Minister for leaving.

Establishing universal childcare services at a cost of $ 10 per day is also part of the New Democrats’ plan, a major measure of the Trudeau government, which has already signed agreements with several provinces, including Quebec. This purpose. Sector.

With regard to the federal minimum wage, Jagmeet Singh promised to increase its amount from $ 15 to $ 20 per hour when elected during his first term, and moreover, the Black Cubacois leader was not committed to responding.

“The minimum wage in Quebec is set by the Quebec government, then the rest is not up to Mr. Singh. […] Interference in Quebec affairs is a really strong trend, interference, ”Yves-Franంois Blanchett was quoted as saying at a news conference in Blaineville on Monday morning.

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However, the two parties are getting closer on the Scobes issue, with Mr Singh and Mr Blanchett promising to file a bill to end it at the federal level.

The NDP leader pledged to address changes in employment insurance and correct deficiencies in Canada Health Benefit as well as protect pension plans.