May 23, 2022

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COVID-19: Bill Belichick reconsiders his comments

COVID-19: Bill Belichick reconsiders his comments

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick on Monday assured that COVID-19 would not play a role in his staff management decisions.

When “Pots” released quarterback Cam Newton, the pilot stated that “a large number” of players had been vaccinated against coronavirus and that it was wrong to say that the vaccine “solved all the problems.”

Belichick’s comments caused some controversy and he wanted to clarify them.

“No player has been released or detained due to his vaccine status,” he told the NFL Network. My comment on vaccines argues that they are merely personal decisions. As a team, we would be better off if everyone was vaccinated, but they might not even solve all our problems. As we have seen, many players, head coaches and assistants throughout the league have been infected with COVID even after being vaccinated. ”

Problems with the current epidemic still exist and protocols to reduce the risk of pollution in the sports world are very strict. Also, Belichick said he would always do that.

“It is always our responsibility to make decisions regarding our daily hygiene and our personal health and safety, as well as to be vigilant about the team. We will continue to follow the league protocol, but it will have no impact on our released players.

The first meeting of patriots on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins is scheduled.

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