May 22, 2022

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Mixed reviews at Dune Premiere

Mixed reviews at Dune Premiere

Opinions are as divided as this paper Variety : Mound Five stars deserve its cosmic structure and almost two and a half stars for its platform. If you compare it to the devastating 1984 adaptation of David Lynch, it looks like a masterpiece. [la majeure partie de l’histoire est désormais compréhensible]. And, for about an hour, the film becomes mesmerizing.

The American site Indiewire, a specialty in the genre film, reports a Big disappointment. Despite Villeneuve’s fascinating vision, Frank Herbert’s sci-fi opus seems to have forgotten why it’s worth such an epic scene. The same dangers when faced with a very large production, even the directors can not see beyond its sets.

British daily The Independent Is very excited: The Mound De Villeneuve is a sand worm that emerges from the gloom. It is a film with a literary and emotional breadth that transcends emotions. If all goes well, the book heritage should be restored as a movie trilogy. Lord of the Rings Peter Jackson did this for JRR Tolkien’s work.

Magazine Vanity Fair He was disappointed in front of an adaptation that he didn’t think was much superior to David Lynch.

Villeneuve is all hyper-polished and can not help but varnish to make it harder to touch. […] The original novel, with an endless vocabulary of words describing places, people, religious traditions and political systems, is too dense to turn into a very active cinematic object. The film is somewhat laborious and at the same time rushed; Narrative exposure and contextual explosions that resonate around monolithic action scenes.

A quote from:Richard Lawson, film critic Vanity Fair

Daily Guardian Quebec Filmmaker awarded the highest score for a feature film Mound Reminds us of what Hollywood mega production wants. Involuntarily, his message was written in broad strokes in the sand, with Denise Villeneuve’s epic epic saying that big budget shows don’t have to be stupid or hyperactive, it is possible to insert a silent scene. Between two explosions. […] Mound The missing link between multiplex and arthouse cinema – dense, fertile and often sublime.

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Finally, Glenn Kenny, the lead critic of the specialist site, admitted to being surprisingly surprised. Needless to say I did not adore Villeneuve’s previous films. But I can not deny that he provided more than a satisfactory adaptation of the book here. […] And while Villeneuve remains one of the most humorous filmmakers, the novel is not even a picnic. We must therefore salute him for bringing forward the light notes in the Villeneuve scenario.