May 19, 2022

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Pierre-Le Gardoor Hospital | “I’m always tired”

Pierre-Le Gardoor Hospital |  "I'm always tired"

An intensive care nurse at Pierre-Le Gardor Hospital in Terrebone cried from the heart Saturday night before resigning. In particular, she denied working conditions during the epidemic, which made her ill.

Alice Girard-Boss

Alice Girard-Boss

At the beginning of the epidemic, Pierre-Le Gardor Hospital was assigned as the receiving center for intensive care COVID-19 cases. “The whole Lanador area has sent us cases. There are adjustments, suggestions and procedures that change every day. It has become very difficult and requires a lot of concentration,” testified Amy Kautu, an intensive care nurse for two years.

To make up for the staff shortage during the epidemic, employers were allowed to move nurses from one department to another. The Amy County Department receives nurses who are not trained in intensive care. Therefore they cannot interfere in most cases. “The help the hospital is doing for us is very limited,” she says.

Ministry orders placed during the epidemic empowered managers and employers to change nurses’ schedules as needed. Amy Koutu so day, evening and night shifts are an alternative. With mandatory overtime, she works between 50 and 60 hours a week.

Despite my fatigue, they forced me all these hours.

Amy Couture, Intensive Care Nurse at Pierre-Le Gardor Hospital

The nurse, however, became accustomed to serious schedules. “I’ve been working full time for years, and volunteering, I’m working overtime.”

Change the vessel

In early 2021, Amy Kout fell into depression. Work is one of the main reasons. “I was irritated. At work, I cried. I only ate one meal a day. I was never hungry. I was always tired,” she recalled.

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Courage is also diminished in all his colleagues. “The work-family balance is very difficult. Some of his colleagues who work three or four days a week are no longer allowed to do so.” With ministry orders, we have to work full time, “M explained.To me Kautu.

In February 2021, Amy Kautu went on sick leave, which lasted for seven months. This frivolous time allowed him to think. In early August, she decided to leave her position in the public sector and move to the private sector.

It was not an easy decision, but looking back, I think it was the right choice I made.

Amy Couture, Intensive Care Nurse at Pierre-Le Gardor Hospital

One thing is for sure: MTo me Koutou loses his intensive care unit and his teammates. “The last day was heartbreaking. I promised not to cry, but I was broken when I read the congratulatory letters written by my colleagues. She is leaving today with a heavy heart, but with a lighter head.

Solutions and identification

M.To me Kautu hopes the government will recognize the extent of the problems in the health system. “The boat has been sinking for a few years,” she says. The government must listen to the nurses and come to earth. “They are best for explaining problems and proposing solutions.”

She also wants nurses to have better working conditions and be recognized for their affordable value. “We talk a lot about women who are professional and dedicated, but we want to be recognized for the work we do.”

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Finally, she hopes to continue to be proud of her free health care system. “If workers, employers and the government work hand in hand, it will improve our health system from bad to worse.”

On Facebook, his post announcing his departure from the public system was shared more than 3,000 times. The Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubey also responded to his testimony. “I appreciate the courage of Mrs. Kautu to express herself in this way. This is sharp evidence. Above all, I thank her for working so hard to treat the cubes, ”he said on Twitter.

Opening borders

As of Tuesday, fully vaccinated foreign nationals will be able to enter Canada for unnecessary reasons, such as tourism. However, these individuals must be fully vaccinated, have a valid negative result of the molecular test for COVID-19, be asymptomatic, and submit their mandatory information throughReach CAN And if selected, test on arrival. These measures are already in effect for all travelers from the United States from August 9th.

Alice Girard-Boss, Tap