May 23, 2022

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“I do not want her to lie,” Justin Trudeau said

"I do not want her to lie," Justin Trudeau said

In an excerpt published by the newspaper Saturday morning Globe and Mail From a book called Indian in the Cabinet, Power to Truth to PowerMs. Wilson-Rebold said Justin Trudeau had secretly suggested that the engineering firm SNC-Lavalin, which has been accused of fraud and corruption in connection with past operations in Libya, should refuse to be unjustly pressured not to sue.

I know what he is asking me, in fact, what he means. At that point I knew I wanted to lie, Mrs. Wilson-Rebold wrote in her political memoirs, describing a private exchange with Mr. Trudeau in the days following the publication of an article in which the Prime Minister’s entourage tried to put pressure on her.

In a nutshell of just 3000 words, it also conveys the way she speaks Aggressive and inappropriate By Justin Trudeau after he understood What he wanted he could not get.

A version of the story that the Liberal leader completely rejected at a press conference in Mississauga. I don’t like her lying, He dropped in English.

These allegations are false. It’s not what I did or what I do.

A quote from:Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party leader

People know that we have discussed all these issues at length over the last two years. Even before the last election it was discussed and studied at length [en 2019], He recalled. When you want to do great things, you have to make some decisions, some weight of facts.

The Conservative leader was also called in Saturday to respond to allegations made by Jodie Wilson-Rebold. Canadians deserve the best. I have a lot of respect for Mrs. Wilson-Rebold. And the situation with the SNC-Lavalin scandal is another example of unethical government, Said Erin O’Toole, who used the opportunity to reaffirm his promise to pass tougher moral laws.

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For Jagmeet Singh, it was his courage that came out of the summary shared by Mrs. Wilson-Rebold. The Jodi Wilson-Rebold story is the story of a strong woman who shares her truth, Said the NDP leader. It is important to do this. And I want to appreciate her courage to share her story, recognizing how difficult it is and how important it is to women and everyone.

The pair were elected under the Liberal banner at the Wilson-Rebold 2015 Vancouver Granville Riding. She became an independent MP in April 2019 after being expelled from the Liberal Caucus. That same year, she was re-elected independently in her constituency. She is not currently campaigning for re-election.

Committed fraud, but is not exempt from federal treaties

On February 7, 2019, Globe and Mail The Attorney General of Canada has published an article citing secret sources alleging undue pressure by the Prime Minister’s entourage. The purpose of these pressures? The pair sought to persuade the Director of Public Prosecutions to enter into a suspended prosecution agreement with Wilson-Rebald SNC-Lavalin. Allegedly owned by an engineering firm $ 47.7 million was paid in bribes To rule Libya between 2001 and 2011.

Under such an agreement, the company would admit the mistake and pay the fine, but could continue to bid on federal public contracts. Conversely, if she is found guilty after a criminal trial, she could be barred from bidding for 10 years on these lucrative contracts.

In December 2019, SNC-Lavalin Construction finally pleaded guilty to fraud, earning a $ 280 million fine, but that saved it from trial. Investigations into two other subsidiaries, SNC-Lavalin Group and SNC-Lavalin International, have faced similar charges, dismissed by federal prosecutors.

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