June 7, 2023

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Paris Hilton is a Successful Entrepreneur Much Different Than Her Former Party Persona

Born in a wealthy family, Paris was a target of paparazzi since her teen days, when she often sneaked out to nightclubs and partied hard. Finally, her parents sent her to Utah Provo Canyon School, a boarding school for troubled young. It turns out, as she revealed in the I’m Paris documentary, she experienced mental and physical abuse in that establishment.

Influencing Before Social Media

However, she didn’t speak of her rough patch in boarding school until recently. Instead, Paris created a Barby-like party persona that captivated reality TV, and she became an influencer before the term and social media existed. But, as she revealed, Paris wanted to succeed independently and move from the image of Hilton’s name.

Paris tried many things and was successful in most. After boarding school, she came to the public eye after the unfortunate release of her sex tape. Paris became a star in The Simple Life reality TV show. For the public, she was a bratty, spoiled heiress and party-goer, and at the same time, she founded her company in 2006 that will bring great success with various products.

Her tabloid following and frequent appearances made her the influencer in the age before Instagram. However, she has a passion for igaming, and Paris was present at the opening of the Hilton family Resort World Casino hotel in Las Vegas. Aside from physical casinos, she endorsed igaming sites where you can play online slots for real money, although her company does not own any yet. She also had a couple of real-life slot machines based on her success and Hilton as a brand, but none got branded solely on her.

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Parfumes and Other Businesses

Once a reality show star and paparazzi nightlife target, Paris Hilton paints a different story on paper with her multibillion-dollar businesses.

Her lifestyle includes more than 250 days in-plane around the world, promoting her 19 product lines. Paris has her name behind numerous products from shoes, handbags and accessories to various perfumes. She recently announced her 27th fragrance. Reportedly, her creations and 45 branded stores got her more than $2.5 billion.

Showbusiness Career

Aside from the book Confession of an Heiress released in 2004, Paris mentioned above in reality TV. She was a singer, released a music video, and now has a YouTube documentary, Netflix, and cooking show to prepare various meals.

Paris also has a successful DJ career that started at one Brazilian festival in 2012. Although some musicians discredited her performances, Paris Hilton became the highest-paid female DJ for a while only two years later. Her DJ sets brought millions of dollars to her net worth, and it’s only a side gig for versatile Hilton.

Her party times are behind her, now that she lives a more peaceful life with her fiancé Carter Milliken Reum and her six dogs. The couple is planning a wedding and starting a family, which doesn’t stop the numerous enterprises ranging from streaming media shows to a diverse product range, including successful perfumes and similar products. But, there is much more behind spoiled buzzed blonde heiress personality from the early 2000s, and now her successful enterprises support those claims.