June 26, 2022

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Afghan police are working with the Taliban at Kabul airport

Afghan police are working with the Taliban at Kabul airport

Afghan police have resumed work at the Kabul airport checkpoint along with the Taliban, two officials said Sunday, the first since the Islamist movement took power on August 15.

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Members of the Afghan police were at several checkpoints outside the main airport buildings on Sunday, the AFP journalist said on the site.

“I was back at work yesterday more than two weeks after being sent home,” a police officer told AFP in an anonymous state.

“I got a call from a senior Taliban commander who asked me to come back. It was great yesterday. I was very happy to serve again,” said another.

An airport employee, in charge of security for a private company, confirmed that police had been deployed around the airport since Saturday.

“They will provide security with the Taliban,” he told AFP a week after the country’s new masters called on former government forces to join the new security services.

The Taliban took control of the country on August 15 after a lightning military attack, twenty years after it was ousted from power by a United States-led coalition.

Chaos erupted at Kabul airport in late August as they came to power, with tens of thousands of Afghans desperately trying to board a huge airlift operated by the United States, fearing the return of the Taliban. States

In recent days, signals to return to normal at the airport have increased.

Two charter flights operated by Qatar Airways took off this week, with foreigners and Afghans unable to evacuate at first.

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Pakistan’s national carrier PIA is expected to resume commercial flights between Islamabad and Kabul on Monday.

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