June 26, 2022

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Anti-Abortion Act: Salesforce provides assistance to employees who wish to leave Texas

Anti-Abortion Act: Salesforce provides assistance to employees who wish to leave Texas

The IT giant sales force has been helping employees who want to leave Texas because of the new anti-abortion law in that traditional state, which is causing a lot of outrage in the United States and even Joe Biden has complained from the government.

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“Ohana (” family ”, Hawaii, editor’s note) If you want to move, we & # 39; ll help you out of Texas. The choice is yours,” group boss Mark Benioff tweeted, with a link to a CNBC article that leaked the information on Friday.

“If you have concerns about access to reproductive health care in your state, Salesforce will help you relocate with your immediate family,” San Francisco, Calif., Said in an internal message posted by the Group American Channel.

Texas has passed the most restrictive law on voluntary termination of pregnancy. After detecting the fetal heartbeat, it prohibits abortion, almost six weeks pregnant, without even knowing that most women are pregnant. The only exception is a medical emergency.

The federal government has complained to the state for freezing the law.

“These are very personal things that directly affect many of us – especially women,” Salesforce said in a post.

An IT services expert dedicated to customer relations, who did not respond to a request from AFP and did not take an official position, “respects different perspectives”.

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Other tech companies have taken action in response to this law.

Headquartered in Texas, online dating giants Bumble and Match Group (Tinder, OakCupid ..) raise funds to support women.

Uber and Lift, two U.S. leaders in car-driven car reservations, have announced they will bear the legal costs of drivers if they are exposed.

The new law encourages the denial of illegal abortions, including the one that takes a woman to the clinic to terminate a pregnancy.

Online service provider GoDaddy has refused to host the prolifewhistleblower.com site set up by the Texas Anti-Abortion Group to collect “life-to-life” tips or blame.