June 26, 2022

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Biden’s extensive reform plan hangs in the voice of the Democratic senator

Biden's extensive reform plan hangs in the voice of the Democratic senator

Joe Biden, weakened by the chaotic American withdrawal from Afghanistan, relies on the success of a massive plan of social reform to recover, but his hopes were dashed on the voice of moderate Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, whose opposition was repeated on Sunday, criticizing the hasty approach.

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After 20 solemn memoriesE On the anniversary of the September 11 attacks, domestic policy will restore its rights in Congress this week, with mediators expected on Wednesday, by various parliamentary committees on the grand social project that Biden will represent in the presidency.

The so-called “Build Back Better” will provide $ 3,500 billion over ten years to “transform” American society: free kindergartens, better access to health care, and investment in housing. Policies, the regulation of immigration and the fight against climate change.

Because of Republican opposition, Democrats will only have to pass this fall with their votes. They control Congress, but their majority in the Senate is thin, with 50 out of 100 elected, and a single Democratic vote would damage Joe Biden’s great project.

Joe Manchin, biased, with his centrist colleague Kirsten film, with an envelope close to $ 1000 or $ 1500 billion, so there is an extraordinary pressure tool to get concessions.

The senator from West Virginia – one of the poorest states in the country and has won over Donald Trump – is touring on political television broadcasts on Sunday to take his message home.

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“I can not support 3500 billion,” he repeated.

“We don’t have to rush in a week,” he told NBC, responding to Democratic majority leader Chuck Schumer in the Senate, who said he wanted to move forward “without slowing down.” Text

“Take time”

Joe Manchin raises “still very strong and fast” inflation “gasoline and shopping prices” especially for residents of his state: an epidemic has not yet struck, the amount of American debt, uncertainty about future international crises, spending from the previous Biden Administration Economic Emergency Aid package Not to mention.

“We have approved $ 5.4 trillion over the past year and a half and that money is still a lot to spend. No one will be left out this year, and for most of next year,” he added on ABC.

“I do not understand why we can not allocate time, deliberately and work,” he defended the senator, assuring him that he would not be “alone” to vote against the text if the amendment was not made.

His opposition has angered far-left Democrats such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has been accused of being close to large oil groups and supporters of fossil fuels.

To deceive Joe Manchin, many Democrats have threatened to block another major project reminiscent of Mr. Biden’s directive, which provides huge investments to modernize the infrastructure currently under discussion in the House of Representatives.

Thanks to the votes of 19 Republicans elected after intense debate led by Kirsten Cinema has already been received in the Senate.

“I can tell you that if they play a political game with American interests, America will fall behind,” Joe Munchin replied on CNN.

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