June 5, 2023

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Conservatives want to investigate the two ministers

Conservatives want to investigate the two ministers

The Conservative Party of Canada is asking the Ethics Commissioner to investigate after the revelations by Ministers Diane LeBautilier and David Lametti. Journal Regarding the appointment of a Superior Court Judge.

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Candidates Pierre Paul-Huss and Michael Barrett wrote a letter to the commissioner on Sunday following an article published in the Le Journal two days earlier about the appointment of Judge Damian Saint-Onge.

Diane LeBouthier

Photo agency QMI, Toma Izkovitz

Diane LeBouthier

According to the report, Damien LeBautilier “insisted” that Damien Saint-Ong be appointed judge in 2019.

Partner and administrator

At the time, my Saint-Onge lawyer William Assels’ partner “collaborator and organizer of Diane LeBautilier’s campaign in 2015”, we can read in an internal document from the office of Justice Minister David Lametti, who was responsible for the appointment.

“In their letter, the Conservatives expressed concern that Mr. Lametti had made an inappropriate legal appointment after Ms. LeBautilier pressured him to appoint a legal partner, one of the donors and managers,” we read in a press release issued on Sunday.

David Lametti

Photo archives, agency QMI

David Lametti

Conservatives also raise the issue that “according to the media, the Liberals are using their internal biased data system to approve potential legal appointments.”

The other candidate

According to documents published in the Lee Journal, Minister Lametti had a more favorable recommendation for another candidate for the post of judge, but he eventually chose to appoint Damien Saint-Ong.

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On Friday, the Liberal Party of Canada defended itself, saying, “In all of this, the integrity of the process is being respected and no one is being pressured.”

Our Liberal government has reformed the party recruitment process, which is now more transparent and has allowed the appointment of nearly 400 judges based on their professional skills since 2015.

According to the rules of the Commissioner of Conflict of Interest and Ethics, members have 30 days to respond to a complaint. After receiving their comments, Commissioner Mario Dion will have 15 days to find out whether to launch a formal inquiry.

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