June 26, 2022

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Genevieve Gilmbolt calls on federal parties to respect Quebec autonomy Elections Canada 2021

Genevieve Gilmbolt calls on federal parties to respect Quebec autonomy Elections Canada 2021

Minister Gilbolt rejected the idea that the amounts promised by certain parties for health transfers or especially for long-term care were conditional on meeting the standards set by the federal government.

As far as I know, we can make our own decisions. It is not up to the federal government to tell us how to manage our money, She adds.

Earlier this week, Quebec Premier Franకోois Legalt said the conditions under which some parties had kept their promises. Erin is in favor of the Conservatives of O Tool By warning voters against the Liberal Party, the New Democratic Party and the Green Party.

This is important, it is important to tell the Quebecars, refer to the Quebecars, there are currently three federal political parties proposing to remove autonomy from Quebec and take it into account. The day we are going to vote.

A quote from:Genevieve Gilmbolt, Quebec Deputy Premier

The leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, for his part, pledged to provide Quebec Partnership federalism To initiate it to ensure its development.

In his agreement with Quebec, Erin O’Toole proposed not to challenge the law on secularism, to give Quebec more power over immigration matters, and to apply Bill 101 to companies under federal jurisdiction.

Presented in a full interview presentation by Genevieve Gilbolt Behind the power screen 11 a.m. Sunday on Radio-Canada.

But his election platform does not plan to honor him The agreement was signed on August 5 by Justin Trudeau and Franయిois Legalt Subsidy for daycare system financing.

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So Quebec loses $ 6 billion. The amount that the Liberal government did not attach any conditions.

Minister Gilbolt hopes the next government will honor his ancestral signature.

I can see it very badly, especially if we end up with a minority government, whatever it is, any party, it is too bad for the government to come to tear down this agreement.

However, the minister said Quebec hopes to add 37,000 childcare facilities in the coming years with or without the participation of Ottawa.

Sensational discussion

Genevieve Gilbolt was also outraged Treatment of Black Cubacos Leader While it was going on Leaders talk in English It happened last Thursday.

The moderator, Shachi Kurl, asked Yves-Franకోois Blanchett to explain why his party denied the existence of racism in Quebec, advocating for Act 21 on secularism and Bill 96 on modernization of the French language, pieces of law that qualified her for discrimination.

This is not entirely acceptable. We cannot ask such questions, and then tax a country like Quebec with this kind of adjective, be discriminatory, be racist.

A quote from:Genevieve Gilmbolt, Quebec Deputy Premier

Ms Gilbolt said the law on secularism in the state had reached a consensus in Quebec.

She points out that for Bill 96, which will soon be studied in a parliamentary committee, the province does not need to apologize for preserving its language, culture, identity and values.

Everyone should take care of their own affairs. I think the federal government has a lot on its side. […] They work very hard to give a check to their employees.

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Whether with Ottawa or the political parties trying to rule it, the Quebec government hopes to fully protect its jurisdiction.