May 25, 2022

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Razor offers the Basilisk V3, a newer version of its gaming mouse

Souris gaming Basilisk V3 Razer

This new version of Basilisk is more customizable than its predecessors for greater comfort for players.

Company Razor, one of the leaders in gaming hardware, has just announced the newest customizable mouse, aimed at both regular and experienced gamers. This is the Basilisk V3, a series of mice already well known to branded customers. Watch the action in this presentation video:

First of all, the Basilisk V3 mouse has 10 programmable buttons as well as a dedicated button to change the profile. It allows you to fully customize your mouse with the necessary and useful actions. The mouse can also save 5 different user profiles.

The Razor Basilisk V3 is also equipped with a Smart scroll wheel Called the HyperScroll Tilt Wheel, it allows you to change modes quickly and easily. The razor offers three modes, which the company describes as:

  • Touch Scroll Mode: For high accuracy and varied scrolling, great for scrolling through weapons or skills.
  • Smart Scroll Mode: Enabled by Razor Synops, the scroll wheel automatically switches from touch mode to free mode when you scroll faster.
  • Free Scroll Mode: Ideal for smooth and fast scrolling, to cover content quickly or to simulate repetitive game commands.

Like all razor products, the Basilisk V3 mouse is no exception to the integration of the Razor Chroma RGB. It is located in 11 different lighting zones and can be synchronized in over 150 games due to the appropriate lighting effects for the disco.

With the virtual acceleration feature, the wheel allows you to speed up scrolling while turning the wheel. It allows you to scroll faster through long articles or web pages, regardless of gaming. Finally has the mouse Razor Focus + 26K DPI optical sensor, The most sophisticated and accurate in the world according to Razor.

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Souris Gaming Basilisk V3 Razor
Credit: Razor

Alvin Cheng, vice president of Razors Peripherals Division, said: ” The Basilisk V3 is even more unique from its predecessors, ticking the box with all the features the gamer wants in a customizable and adjustable mouse. Careful attention to detail is required to meet the needs of gamers, and with the innovative new scroll wheel in the Basilisk V3, our designers have taken usability and customization to the next level. .

The Razor Basilisk V3 Gaming Mouse is already available for purchase on the Razor website and at select retailer prices 79.99.