June 26, 2022

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Vaccine Passport: Accepted by customers and traders

Vaccine Passport: Accepted by customers and traders

As of Wednesday, the government will apply zero tolerance for vaccine passport use. For the past two weeks, traders have been given an exception to adjust the measure.

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This is clearly more of a constraint for restaurants, all of whom are ready to see it happen without any trouble.

“Actually, we need a lot of steps to welcome the client. You have to sign the register, but everything is going well,” said Mary-Joel Cote, manager at SNO Microbrasery Nordic in Quebec.

After 13 days of use, many customers who met TVA Novels were optimistic about its use. Most people emphasize the speed of the operation and it is enough to prepare a little in advance.

At Cafe Krighaf, there are a lot of customers despite the new obstacles. In place since Sept. 1, they have been positively received by the space owner.

“If it’s to be a safe place, a place where people can be trusted, I feel like we’m well surrounded as workers too, I said yes,” admitted Kathy Rioux, the owner of the place.

The owner of Bar Sports Vegas 2.0 did not see it that way. Publicly against the vaccine passport, he feared that the measure would hurt his company’s profitability.

“In turnover, I have a 30 to 35% decrease and it starts on the 15th [septembre]Said Richard Pauline.

From that date, customers and merchants will be fined between $ 1,000 and $ 6,000 for non-compliance.

“There are always some idiots, but we handle them relatively well and people don’t interfere,” Kathy Reox said.

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Richard Pauline plans to implement government requirements, but believes the next few months will be difficult.

“I try to make my business profitable to work. To try to keep my employees committed to working here,” he said.

“We just want the restaurants to be open. After experiencing many closures, we will follow the instructions given,” Mary-Joel Cote concluded.

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