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7 new free pc games with prime gaming including 7 multiplayer sensation

7 new free pc games with prime gaming including 7 multiplayer sensation
Freebox Delta Subscribers: 7 New Free PC Games with Prime Gaming, including Multiplayer Sensation in the Summer

Each month, Freebox Delta offers Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime), available for free to subscribers, with many games to find on PC, all you have to do is subscribe to Amazon Prime. The choice of the moment is here.

Amazon Prime included in the Freebox Delta offer offers access to many benefits: Prime video, music streaming … but free content for gamers with Prime Gaming.

The service was recently converted to an Amazon Games application dedicated to video games. Focus on games to participate in the Amazon Games until October. At the time of writing, seven games are available and you can pick them up October 1, Except in one special case. In fact, you can get the sensational new free multi-player game till September 30 by simply going through the Origin account.

Bullet for prisoner in Knockout City, epic version, available in Origin until September 30

If you follow the gaming world a bit, you won’t miss the bustling Knockout City in early summer. The concept is simple: in an environment where the prisoner is bulletproof but highly charged. With determination for online gaming fans, this game offers you to assemble your team and plunge directly into the mania battle through a variety of game modes. This is the full version of the game, not the game. Free trial offered by various platforms.

However, unlike other games of this choice, this Opus is only available on the EA platform: Source. Only tDownload the platform to your PC, Create an account and enter the code that will be displayed in you Page Prime Gaming To get the game back. To do this, click on “Add Game” from the “My Game Libraries” section, and then click on “Redeem Product Code”. Note, once the code is retrieved before September 30, you have until October 2 to activate it on the EA platform.

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Tools up! Completely insane move

After the Knockout City clash, it’s time for cooperation! Paint the walls, carpet, tear down the wallpaper … all in a limited amount of time and with a lively atmosphere! Please note, since team coordination is required, we disclaim all responsibility when a dispute arises between players!

Sam and Max get on the road, (back) a crazy search to find

Follow the path of Carnival Yeti fleeing into the absurd depths of the United States in the company of Sam, Private Investigator Dog and Max, a fully hyperactive rabbit company. The two friends have to solve their most delicate case in a crazy, completely retro animal adventure.

Warm up your brain with a puzzle agent

When Skoggins Eraser Koki answers White House requests only through meaningless puzzles, he is sent to the Nelson Tethers Mission of the Department of Enigmology.

Skaggins’ strange events are a real challenge to Tether and his intelligence is tested with puzzles at every turn: mazes, puzzles, logic questions, puzzles and more. He quickly realized that all of this was closely related to the mystery, including some strangely behaving villagers in the forest, secret fraternities, and strange noises. And what is this gnome thing?

Thanks to the artistry of the already acclaimed studio for many narrative games, along with the artistic sensitivity and the talent of the narrator of comic artist Graham Annable, the puzzle agent will confuse you!

Be easy to overcome Candleman: complete journey

To keep it light when caring for it, this is Candleman’s premise. You enter the darkness and play like a small candle that can only be lit for 10 minutes. This puzzle platform offers game demand levels, the difficulty of which increases as you develop. Overcome obstacles based on light and shadow play, with a very careful artistic direction in the universe, almost enchanting.

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Memory, a game you can read and a book you can play

A cross-media adventure with an interesting premise. This game offers you to find the intersection of lyrics and games: read to overcome difficult puzzles and move forward in the thrilling story. The picture, the sound and all the gambleplay are part of the story just like the words you are going to read. Narrative and weather games are definitely in focus in this prime gaming option for September.

Sequel to the epic adventure with Secret Sun 2: Puritas Cardis

After presenting the first show in August, you can find a continuation of Nina Kalenkov’s adventure this month. When Nina Kalenkov realized that recent disasters were not the work of nature, but the work of a desperate secret society called Puritas Cardis, it was already too late. Her ex-boyfriend Max, a scientist, witnesses the brutality of Puritas Cardis practices in an excavation site in the middle of an ancient temple complex in Indonesia, while Nina confuses a priest in France with a secret leader and a sinful leader of the old order. It was the start of a thrilling race against time. Can Nina prevent the looming apocalypse?

How to get games back

Previously, you needed to go to a dedicated web page to retrieve the rights to the games offered by Prime Gaming, and then go to the Twitch application to install them. Amazon brings it all in one application: Amazon Games.

You can download it by clicking on it This link, Then all you have to do is log in with your Amazon Prime credentials. You will find the opportunity to recover your free games and install them in the same interface.

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Then all you have to do is click on “Install” and after the process is complete you can play your game. As a reminder, Prime Gaming is included for Primebox Delta subscribers and is available as an option for all Freebox subscribers with Amazon at a subscription premium of 5.99 € / month.