June 26, 2022

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A decisive Tuesday for the future of JSK

A decisive Tuesday for the future of JSK

JS Kabylie supporters will soon forget the hard day their club experienced yesterday, September 13, 2021, the day it almost turned sour due to the trade register story.

As we pointed out to you yesterday in these columns, the restoration of the club’s seat from the hands of the new head of state Yarichen, former president Charif Mellal, was promising, and without some intervention things almost deteriorated. The wise men who kept the ball on the court. Go back to a day nowhere else in the history of the most successful club in the country.

Meeting to set the tone

As far as we know the new CA chief Yazid Yarichen scheduled his first press conference at the CSA headquarters yesterday morning, all the guests arrived on time, the audience of journalists and 3 former players, namely Dahamane Huff, Brahim Zafar and Rachid Adaghi attended, although the meeting started about 20 minutes late . Yarichène unveiled some part of his project and responded to each other’s allegations, which were necessary to set the tone, as the new board had already scheduled a signing towards the new city, the club’s headquarters for the attempt to take over. It must be said that this stage was crucial, as Mellal’s departure signaled the final withdrawal and victory for the Yarichene clan.

Under police supervision

The speakers left the room at Rs Kerrad Rachid to go to the headquarters and arrived at one o’clock in the afternoon, they went through the dense traffic jams in the afternoon at TG and finally reached their destination, which was 12:30 in the afternoon. An atmosphere and an unusual shape already planted, police trucks as far as the eye could see, a long line a short distance from the headquarters, next to the stairs leading to the “Ravens”, where the two clans, the Mellal clan, came to defend and defend themselves, and the Yerichen was handed over without clashes, But despite that, tensions escalated, especially as At-Mouloud and members marched toward the board seat door, with Mellal and Naseem Benabedrahmane inside, as well as the club’s lawyer and some close to the bouncers who came to confirm Mellal’s defense …

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Yarichène and his supporters captured the headquarters

Board members tried to enter the headquarters, but Mellal vehemently opposed it, refusing to accept documents presented by his opponents. “I do not recognize this register or these documents”, he began and continued: “Bring back the deportation verdict, or nothing”, he adds to the face of Aït-Mouloud, who took the word when there were Yarichene supporters. More behind the door, now pressed, sees Mellal behind Yarichen, the latter promising not to relinquish the presidency to his rival. “I’d rather die than you take the club,” he called into her face.

In the midst of this electric atmosphere, the situation could deteriorate at the slightest inappropriate term, and with a slight gesture, the club’s security officer tried to pacify the public, because, remember, Yerichen has the right to be on the club’s premises as a shareholder, even for Azou, Bouzit or AAt-Mouloud by its CSA Majority shareholder of.

Strangers in the wrong place

After this heat exchange, but fortunately did not subside, the morning speakers occupied their seats at the headquarters conference room level, at which point, the expectation of interruptions began, because, quickly, the new CA member Rachid Azoua was accompanied by lawyer Tizi Ouzou goes to court, the goal is a new The order should be issued, the deportation verdict to quickly seize the premises, during this time, foreign people who had been eclipsed by the club atmosphere for years reappeared, they rushed into the conference hall this moment of legal emptiness and weakness in the management of Mell, the frightened old faces and Yorichen and his team The image of the club taken is somewhat dirty. Emerged from the head office suddenly when offered to the street, it is subject to the decision of the Algerian judiciary that if Mellal comes it should not become normal.

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Yarichène and Aït-Mouloud were summoned by the prosecutor

In the middle of the afternoon and after waiting for hours at the headquarters, CSA President At-Mouloud and Yazid Yarichen received a call from two emissaries present in court, who were summoned by the public prosecutor as two club officers. The story may come to an end, but the relevant authorities left the court without achieving their goal, according to Azoua, the prosecutor issued a document that would give the new management the right to begin its work, stating that he would issue them the document needed to remove the former tenants from the head office, which is the old office Is synonymous with defeat.

Police closed the siege and dispersed the crowd

At the end of the day, and the missing document was not issued by justice and at the same time supporters remained in front of the headquarters to wait for the epilogue, the police were still on the premises. Decided to go to places. Dispersing the crowd, they closed the headquarters doors, while Mellal and some relatives were still inside, while he was hosting a mini-video conference an hour and a quarter late on the club’s official page, where he stressed Yerichen’s disturbing return of some people in the club’s entourage.

Ultimate round

The hardest day in JSK leadership history since the removal of Mohand-Chorif Hannachi in February 2018 is over, with Yarichen supporters hoping to end Mellal. The promises made by Attorney General TG Ozou, revealed by Azoua, are correct, should orders be delivered today, after the public deportation order is renewed, will new developments take place? Soap opera does not reveal all its secrets.

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