June 26, 2022

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Boxing: Mark Ramsey is the eye of the Tiger management head coach

Boxing: Mark Ramsey is the eye of the Tiger management head coach

The eye of Tiger Management Renowned coach Mark Ramsey, the renowned coach as development director and head coach, announced on Monday that he has added talent to their team.

Camille Estefan, president of the Montreal Institute, is constantly on the lookout for development with the help of in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the many activities taking place in the pugilistic world. However, the addition of Mark Ramsay is part of reaffirming this long-term vision for the organization and the restructuring of the team. Ramsey shares his knowledge and is the head coach at EOTTM and is active in many important areas such as recruitment, coaching and athlete development.

“We are delighted to officially welcome one of the best coaches in the world to our team. Mark is a valuable asset to EOTTM. We believe that Mark has our goal and everything that will help us achieve this, “said Camille Estefon, President of EOTTM.

Considering the recent new recruitment signatures in the United States and Eastern Europe, EOTTM continues to expand its ranks in the hope of unleashing the best boxing talent today and building a legacy of knowing how to win the highest honors. Mark Ramsey, who has proven himself for many years around the world, has all the skills needed to find the best talent in the world. In fact, Ramsey knows all the basics that an athlete should have and how to improve them to become a world champion. So he helps EOTTM general manager Antonin DeCory. The owner of the Academy of Boxing Ramsey will be working with his current boxers, I of the Tiger Management, as well as Arthur Betterbeev and Oscar Rivas, with two exceptions. In reference to all the nuances of this sport, he shares his knowledge with other coaches.

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“I am very proud and excited to face this new challenge, but the goal of coaching the world champions remains the same. EOTTM will provide me with all the tools needed to achieve this goal as well as unconditional support. I have no doubt this is the beginning of a successful association,” Ramsay said.

The next eye of the Tiger Management Boxing Gala will take place on Thursday, September 23 at the Videotron Center in Quebec and will feature the shocks of Mark Ramsay’s rivals competing against Arslanbeck Makhmudov over Erkon Teper And Christian Embilly To Nick Brinson.