June 26, 2022

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Let’s talk about Gavin NewsSom | The Journal of Quebec

Let's talk about Gavin NewsSom |  The Journal of Quebec

California voters will vote tomorrow on the future of their governor, Gavin Newsome. The latter is struggling with the so-called process Recall, Recall election.

Exercise that we have already been engaged in for a few weeks, and tomorrow will know its result, which is very California specialty. The Recall Should be seen as an example of the political culture of the most populous state in the country. We like direct democracy and we want the citizen to come forward more often.

Since we created the measure in 1911, we have used it Recall 179 times, but only once was the governor deposed. Many of you may remember that Gray Davis was displaced and replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Action star and former bodybuilder mentions the title of one of his old films while calling for an operation Total recall.

According to recent polls, Democrats need to get out of the newcomer proceedings. The Five Thirty Eight site points in this direction, multiplying its support regularly from the end of August. They are now 57.5% without wanting his departure.

If the motive behind this process is great, we want to fight against abuse and encourage citizen participation, we may even wonder about the exact consequences of the practice. There are good reasons to criticize the California governor’s management, but are they too costly to destabilize or confuse the conduct of state political affairs?

Gavin News‌mom is very popular and he is very popular to keep his job. He was not involved in the big scandal, but his opponents criticized his focus on immigration management, public fund management, the fight against climate change and, more recently, his attitude and the actions of its administration. An attempt to limit the spread of the epidemic.

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None of the above is a reason for special elections outside of California. We will wait until the next election deadline for the leader or leaders to participate – or not. If the nuisance is in trouble or distracted from the problems, this is the cause Recall 12% of voters (12% of the electorate in the recent election) are motivated when they attach their signature at the bottom of the petition.

After all, is it really that useful? Doubt me. For more than 100 years, the process has been led by only one governor. But how many times have we invested large sums in this adventure? How many times did the governor have to move away from major issues to ensure his political survival? The profit seems low to me. The successful 2003 policy was also controversial.

A sign of the times, the vote has not yet taken place and already the Republicans – this is their new mantra – claim that the election was rigged without any proof. While busy working to undermine American confidence in their institutions and in the electoral process, many GOP members are not ashamed to repeat the unsubstantiated allegations of Donald Trump. Even during the victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016, the authorities in California condemned the management of the count.

If he wants to win tomorrow, Newsum should expect 50% or more of his voters to oppose his removal. This is a possible outcome. What happens if it is not successful? Whoever gets the most votes becomes the governor. At the time of writing, it is the candidate who has 25% and 28% voting intentions, who will reach the governorship.

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