June 30, 2022

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Vaccine Diplomacy: Is China Before America?

Vaccine Diplomacy: Is China Before America?

As we know, in order to fight the epidemic and prevent the development of diversity, it is necessary to vaccinate all parts of the world. While some in the western zone are considering a third dose, the first injection is still waiting in some parts of the world (58% of the world’s population).

Last week, Joe Biden spoke by phone with President Xi Jinping, whose representatives said they would ignore American ambassadors if they did not completely ignore them.

Anxious to clarify his expectations in the face of trade competition, the US president wanted to open a dialogue on the possibility of contributing to the fight against global warming.

In addition to these difficult discussions, there is also the issue of fighting against Kovid-19. If the Chinese government refuses to consider full transparency on the origins of the virus, it could now pawn the American giant for its low contribution to global vaccination.

Joe Biden can promise doses of millions, while Xi Jinping can deliver his front goods. China is accelerating the production of its synoform, synovac and cannabinoids vaccine, the Axios website reported Monday morning. Where American or Western help is expected, the savior may be the Chinese.

American or Western late vaccine production complexity, particularly justified by messenger RNA. In addition, vaccine development depends on the cooperation of large pharmaceutical companies, and therefore the private sector.

If, initially, that productive efficiencies were more limited or that we respect the desire of leaders to vaccinate before their population (taxpayers assisted in the production of vaccines), we would have reacted even worse to the possibility of vaccinating young people. Or when we are struggling elsewhere, give a third dose.

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This breed, known as the vaccine diplomacy, seems to be in favor of China at the moment, but recent advances have taken into account the improved distribution of vaccines to Westerners and, consequently, to some part of the planet.

Because we are improving productivity or we are increasingly accepting technology transfers, Pfizer or Modernna will soon be able to distribute their vaccines only across the Western sphere. This is good news for 58% of people who have not yet been vaccinated, but it is also good news for us.