May 24, 2022

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At Mayenne’s major hospitals, more than 90% of staff are vaccinated

L'hôpital de Laval

Two months after the announcement of Emmanuel Macron, Nursing staff must receive at least one dose of vaccine against Kovid-19 on Wednesday, September 15 to go to work. This applies to hospitals, nursing homes, home helpers as well as firefighters. Without this vaccine, employees would be suspended without pay.

We have heard a lot in recent weeks about staff loss and hospital distress in already stressed sectors. Corn, In Mayan hospitals, caregivers eventually get more than 90% vaccinated. This responsibility will probably leave traces. “They played a dangerous game”, A nurse at Laval Hospital said: Finally, Mayan organizations should not watch the waves of departures of caregivers who reject the vaccine.

In Laval‌, we have not yet commented on the statistics or the organization. Management expects vaccines until the last moment. Four nurses, for example, have already been informed that they will no longer be coming to work. It’s not too much, it’s true, but “These are services in distress” Lays down the trade union.

In Mayenne, we vaccinate more than 90% of the staff. A dozen caregivers and nurses had to step down. Many of the other caregivers started the vaccine, especially as soon as the wallet was touched. In Chatio-Gontier‌, The HR department was not concerned, and health officials did not raise specific concerns. Some replacements will undoubtedly need to be handled as diseased leaves, which will further complicate the situation.

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