June 26, 2022

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Huge hires and salary increase on Amazon Canada

Huge hires and salary increase on Amazon Canada

Amazon Canada expects to hire 15,000 new employees from coast to coast in the coming months.

To achieve this, the global e-commerce giant has decided to increase the salaries of its employees.

Thus, the minimum hourly rate for front-line employees is between $ 17 and $ 21.65, with the company boasting of launching an extensive recruitment campaign starting in the context of workers, in addition to social benefits from the day of hiring. Shortages in many states, especially in Quebec.

At the same time, people already employed by Amazon in Canada will now receive a pay rise of $ 1.60 to $ 2.20 per hour, regardless of their seniority, the company said. An $ 100 vaccination bonus is also offered to an employee.

“Amazon Canada employs over 25,000 Canadians and as the need arises in Canada, we are proud to create an additional 15,000 good jobs that provide better pay for the great employees of our shipping networks,” commented Sumegha Kumar, Director of Shipping Operations for Canadian Customers for Amazon Canada.

The announcement comes as Amazon announced last week that it was implementing a massive US $ 1.2 billion training program aimed at paying tuition fees to US employees seeking new diplomas by 2025.

Last spring, the company announced that it was looking for 75,000 new employees in the United States and Canada and was raising the minimum wage to US $ 17 per hour south of the border.