May 24, 2022

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Labor shortage: Are robots the solution?

Labor shortage: Are robots the solution?

Investment Quebec wants to invest in Quebec companies so as to acquire technologies and revive the economy.

To fight labor shortages, Quebec Financing provides investment for SMEs’ “innovative projects”.

“Liggo seeks to accelerate the digital transformation and increase the productivity of manufacturing SMEs in Quebec,” explained Antoine Proto, CEO of Liggo, one of the companies receiving the grants.

Variety of aid

This investment, determined last year, is divided into a variety of loans with different maturities.

“APN Ligo is part of the Investment Productivity Innovation Initiative Program, set up in September 2020 to encourage companies to invest in innovative projects,” said Bicha Ngo, senior vice president of private placements at Investment Quebec.

“We want to make Quebec companies more competitive, and this competitiveness is based on innovation, so robotization, automation, digitization and artificial intelligence,” Mr. continued.To me Ngo.

Law Robotization, Law Solution?

The Quebec choice has raised questions for many. It provides a shortage of workers and reduces the burden on employers, robotization can also close job opportunities.

“It will help alleviate the burden of labor shortages, automation will move some jobs, allowing it to fill previously unfilled positions,” said Antoine Proto.

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