May 24, 2022

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Maple leaves | The trap is tightening in Toronto

Maple leaves |  The trap is tightening in Toronto

As Kyle Dubas inherited a club of talented young players in May 2018, the Canadian is facing a painful reset process after another setback.

Matthias Brunett

Matthias Brunett

The Canadian finished 28th with a 105-point season in TorontoE Rank ahead of Buffalo, Arizona and Ottawa.

A few weeks after his promotion, Dubas got the luxury of offering 77 million for seven years to join the formidable Aston Matthews and Mitch Morner for John Tavares, one of the greatest scorers in the NHL. Dreaming of the first Stanley Cup since 1967.

Photo by Bernard Bralt, Press Archives

William Nylander, John Towers, Aston Matthews and Mitch Morner

Meanwhile, CH are preparing to trade their second counterpart, Alex Galchenyuk, and captain Max Pasioretti for a chance, a draft pick and a reward for an unproductive player. The slope is steep to go up.

The Canadian also gave his centermate Thomas Plekanek, a rental player, leaves, with a second-round pick, to achieve better success in his renaissance phase.

Three years later, the general manager of Maple Leafs admitted last week that he could lose his job if Maple Leafs is knocked out again in the playoffs next spring.

“If we don’t get results there will be changes in the company, I realized that,” he recently told Bob McCaun’s podcast. We have to consider the changes because we keep the same kernel, otherwise the kernel that I believe I edited. “

So this is not a funny dream. Toronto Dubas made a quick exit from the playoffs for the third season in a row at 16.E A year without reaching the second round, and Montreal reached the Stanley Cup final to the surprise of all …

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The Maple Leafs led 3-1 in the first round series, after leaving Montreal after Alex Galchenyuk, wearing four uniforms, tried to bravely cross over to the Blue Line in overtime.

Cole intercepted Cofield, handed over to Nick Suzuki, he handed over to Cofield, he handed over to Suzuki and CH and started scoring and their return.

Suzuki took over its third season at Owen Sound in Junior Ranks 2018 at Lou Lamorio. He was set to attend the club’s development camp a few weeks later, which made him in the first round in 2017. Golden Knights.

Cole Cofield completed his season with the U.S. Under-17 team and gained the authority to play a few games with the US Development Program, qualifying for his NHL draft a year and a few months away.

Coach Dominic Ducharme loses to Drummondville Voltigeurs in the second round of the QMJHL Playoffs …

The sports world is unimaginable, should we remind you?

Despite this tragic defeat at the hands of the Canadians in the spring and intense criticism from the media and fans, Kyle Dubas resisted the temptations to blow his heart away.

Aston Matthews, Mitch Marner, John Towers and William Nylander, their salaries are almost half the team’s salary (40.4 million), so defenders Morgan Riley, TJ Brady and Jake Mujin are back. Matthews underwent wrist surgery this summer, but is likely to be back in action early in the season.

However there have been some changes in Toronto during the off-season. The leaves could not retain their best forward after their famous quartet, Jack Hyman.

Photo by Marcio Jose Sanchez, Associated Press

Jack Hyman

He scored 37.8 million for seven years from the Edmonton Oilers with 15 goals and 33 points in 43 games or 28 points and 63 points in 82 games a season.

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Four other veterans remain: Joe Thornton is now in Florida with the Panthers, Zach Bogosian is back with lightning, and goaltender Frederick Anderson has signed with Carolina Hurricanes and Nick Foligno after being selected in the first round in 2021. (24E Overall) At the end of the trade, Boston signed a contract with the Bruins.

To bury the losses, the Toronto Bruins, 25-year-old Colossus Nick Richie, scored 15 goals last year, and the Ondrej Case, 25, injured a lot last season. Boston could keep its rights over them by submitting a qualifying offer to them this summer, but they are willing to cut ties.

Former Hurricanes goaltender Peter Mrazek replaces Anderson and will fight Jack Campbell for the number one spot.

Leafs’ top defender Morgan Riley is in the final year of his contract and is eligible for full autonomy from July 2022. He will undoubtedly demand the annual salary of over 5 million which he is currently receiving.

This issue risks fueling rumors such as speculation about Dubas’ general future and his core members over the winter.

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