May 28, 2022

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The Chinese ambassador was banned from the British Parliament

The Chinese ambassador was banned from the British Parliament

New Ambassador Zheng Jeguang is scheduled to attend an all-party group meeting on China in parliament on Wednesday before delegates affected by China’s sanctions alert parliament.

I regularly meet with ambassadors from around the world to establish lasting ties between countries and parliamentarians.British Speaker Lindsay Hoyle said in a statement.

But I think it is not appropriate to meet the Chinese ambassador when his country imposes sanctions on some members of the Commons domain and our office., He added.

I am not saying that the meeting will not take place. I am saying that it will not happen here as long as the sanctions are in force.

A quote from:Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the Lower House

The Lord’s spokesman, the Speaker of the Upper House of Parliament, confirmed that officials from both houses of parliament had agreed to hold the meeting elsewhere due to restrictions on members of parliament.

In a joint statement, the latter welcomed the decision, believing that a reception would be arranged at these locations of the Chinese ambassador. Shame on Parliament.

On the website of the Chinese Embassy in London, a spokesman emphasized that it was up to the organizers to decide when and where the event should take place. He attacked The vile and cowardly actions of some people in the British Parliament aimed at obstructing normal trade and cooperation between China and the United Kingdom.

The same representative assumed that the sanctions were taken by Beijing Above the blame And representation Justified answers Based on British sanctions Allegations of human rights violations and misinformation in Xinjiang.

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London United States, Canada and theEU Sanctions on four senior Chinese officials For their role in human rights violations against the Uyghur minority, Granted to Beijing in late March Nine British people.

Among them are prominent parliamentarians such as Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Tom Tugenhot or former Conservative party leader Ian Duncan Smith. Lies By the rule of China.