May 24, 2022

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The Most Crucial Events of Summer 2021 That Changed the World

The world is on the verge of global change. These are inevitable events. Political, social, military, and climate change directly affect the future of all of humanity. COVID-19 is no longer the only problem on Earth. Thus, summer 2021 became one of the most challenging and controversial in the last 30 years. The world cannot ignore new threats. Here are the most crucial summer events you should know about.

Taliban Controls Almost All Afghanistan Regions

For decades, the United States sponsored Afghanistan, trained the local army, and maintained relative peace over much of the country. During this time, America has spent billions of dollars rebuilding infrastructure, supporting the local population, and reorganizing law institutions. A large-scale withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan began in August.

As the country’s territory left about 70% of the military, doctors, and US civilians, the Taliban seized most territory. It is worth noting that the Afghan government has been negotiating with the leaders of the ultra-conservative Sunni group since mid-2020, but with no visible progress. Besides, the Afghan military surrendered all bases and combat positions without firing a single shot. The president and some top officials left the country immediately after the start of the withdrawal of troops.

Some areas of Afghanistan are not yet under the control of the Taliban, but the resistance forces are not enough to stop the expansion. For many students, this was the reason for writing a dissertation on History. However, some writing services reviews will help you find academic assistance if you have no time for such papers. Then you will be able to keep track of the events in Afghanistan.

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2021 European Floods

In July 2021, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, France, Great Britain, Austria, Czech Republic, and other European countries faced floods. The main problem is that cyclone Bernd caused prolonged heavy rains. As a result, the rivers overflowed their banks, and local dams and other barriers could not cope with such a flow. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people had to be temporarily evacuated as many cities were partially flooded.

Hurricane Ida

The impacts of climate change have also been felt in the United States, as torrential rains and Hurricane Ida caused massive flooding. As a result, about 70% of Louisiana was de-energized. The coast of New Orleans has practically swept away like a house of cards. Mississippi has also felt the impact of the natural disaster.

Tens of thousands of homes were destroyed. Local students were evacuated from campuses and transported to safe places. This is where writing services have become most relevant. Anyway, students should read Pay Me To Do Your Homework reviews first to know who to trust.

July Wildfires in Canada

The record-breaking heatwave in North America has caused massive fires in Canada. The main problem is lightning striking forests over 130 times. As a result, thousands of hectares of forest burned down, and more than 600 people died. The Government of Canada has committed over 30 million Canadian dollars to firefighting.

Due to the burning out of a part of the forests, many animals and birds died or lost their habitual halo. On the one hand, Canada’s problems may seem local. On the other hand, climate change occurs throughout North America, potentially dangerous for the United States.

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Blue Origin’s Flight

Blue Origin successfully conducts its first human test flight. Four crew members, including Jeff Bezos, went into space and made a successful landing. This is one of the first commercial flights to show that modern technology can ensure a comfortable stay on board Blue Origin, even for elderly people. 82-year-old aviator and Mercury 13 member Wally Funk became the oldest person ever in space.

Bitcoin Became the National Currency of El Salvador

The digital rush and the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies led El Salvador to choose Bitcoin as their national currency. The fact is that until recently, this small country used the American dollar for all internal and external financial transactions. This choice had many problems, such as giant transaction fees and dependence on many world economic factors. However, Bitcoin and other digital currencies are also highly volatile. There is a theory that Nayib Bukele, President of El Salvador, is interested in seeing Chinese miners set up farms in the country.

World Freed From Toxic Leaded Petrol

The UN Environment Program announces that leaded petrol has been phased out globally. However, it is worth noting that Tetraethyllead is a petro-fuel additive used to increase the octane number. The problem is that TEL is extremely toxic and highly polluting.

African countries, China and Russia, have used Tetraethyllead very actively over the past 30 years, which has significantly damaged the soil. As a result, regular fuel will no longer contain third-party petro-fuel additives. It is worth noting that leaded petrol (Tetraethyllead) was first used 100 years ago, proving the need to eliminate rudimentary fuel and develop electric vehicles.

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