December 8, 2022

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“Gisley insults Gerard in front of everyone”

"Gisley insults Gerard in front of everyone"

“Quebec and Gerard and Giselle of Canada”. Richard Martinio returns to the Leger poll results this morning, revealing divisions between Quebec and Canada over the moderator’s comments in English.

In a September 13 study, nearly 65% ​​of Cubes found that the question asked by Shachi Kurl about the Wives-Franకోois Blanchett of Black Cubacois during a debate in English was “inappropriate,” and 69% of Canadians considered it appropriate.

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The moderator has been widely criticized in Quebec since she said the black leader was rejecting racist issues in Quebec. She described Acts 96 and 21 as “discrimination”.

“At the time they were married irresponsibly because it was like, no love,” he says. They realized very quickly that it was not working and they were together for the kids.

“But there, Giselle insults Gerard in front of everyone. Another day, the whole family is there and Giselle says: ‘Look at Gerrard’s fool, he’s my husband’s stupid, he can do nothing and he’s racist on top of it,’ ‘Richard adds.

“Gerard thought twice about leaving, but it was very embarrassing.”

See Richard Martino’s entire column in the video above.

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