June 30, 2022

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Order test: One of the two nursing assistants fails

Order test: One of the two nursing assistants fails

The “terrible” rate of failure of nursing assistants in obtaining a license to practice since the onset of the epidemic compels their command to examine their training and assessment.

From 2020, after one of the two candidates received his Diploma in Professional Studies (DEP), he failed the Ardre des Informiers at Infermiers Auxiliaries du Quebec (OIIAQ) exam.

Only 32%, then 50.8% of them passed in March and June, while 70% passed the exam in 2019.

Experts suggest that the fluctuations caused by the epidemic should try to explain these results in a free fall.

“What is this change in success rates [la crise sanitaire] It scared the crap out of us, “said Genevieve Roach, a professor of nursing at Laval University.

Experts consulted Newspaper Teaching too much practical knowledge at a distance, he said it would be difficult to teach about the high turnover of teachers and in some cases the termination of internships.

“Inevitably, it will have an impact on teaching,” emphasized Guiseline Diegley, a lecturer at the University of Quebec in Rimowski, who has long taught the next generation of nursing assistants.

Such a failure rate for the test, crowns their efforts, yet sees him as a “scary” person.

Especially after three failures, a candidate cannot take the exam again unless he resumes his training. Since September 2020, 180 candidates have thus failed the 1,826 exam.

Hard work-study balance

The intense daily life of students who worked full-time while raising children during the epidemic is also noteworthy.

“With overtime, we no longer have a work-study balance,” Larry Mignault recalled, failing the exam twice as a beneficiary attendant over 40 hours a week, and then as a nursing assistant.

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“We are not ready for this test,” said a 21-year-old student who attended a training center in Lanaudier.

Status quo

The figures obtained by OIIAQ President Carol Grant were accepted Newspaper Access to an information request can cause concern through access.

Order began negotiations with vocational training centers, appointed a committee to re-evaluate their training, and appointed an external agency to review its review.

But while waiting for official recommendations, he said, “This is the status quo. If there is a need for adjustment, we will make the adjustment, ”said MTo me Grant in an interview.

Coming soon a Redesign of Program

The Ministry of Education is preparing to review the training of future nursing assistants in the coming months. Gieslane Digley, a lecturer at the University of Quebec in Rimowski, is of the opinion that the number of “health, support and nursing” training hours should be revised to reflect the expansion of the practice of nursing assistants. “The program is very busy. We have added skills, but there is very little time for students to understand them,” concludes the former teacher in vocational training.