May 24, 2022

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With Hubert Lenoir in mind …

With Hubert Lenoir in mind ...

Hubert Lenoir hit hard with his debut album, Darlene, In 2018. Three years later, he was able to surpass himself even more Your image: Straight music.

This double disc – almost an hour long – is very unique and aims to become an “autumn event album”, nothing less. We deserve the best excursions here in 2021, if not the last few years. Yes, it looks great.

Sure, Your image (Meaning “painting oneself” in Latin) requires special attention. You have to invest time in it to fully comprehend the 20 tracks that make up an album. “This album is designed to be uncomfortable at times,” Hubert was quoted as saying in the booklet.

By listening – we must be at the dozen – we keep making discoveries. Inspired by Direct Cinema, Hubert Lenoir placed many different recordings throughout the disc. Most experimental exercise is very uncomfortable in the beginning. Some demo songs rub shoulders with other hyper product pieces.

But this confusion ends meaningfully and we really enjoy listening Your image In order, it’s like watching a movie. Listening to this album, traveling through Quebec, Montreal and Paris, is like we were before the songwriter. After the movie Being John Malkovich, Here is the album Hubert Lenoir.

With Your image, We are in the presence of an artist who has been publicly persecuted – he talks about bullying, sexual identity and dark thoughts – and an intact hyper-talented about traditions. Here is the disturbing and controlled work that we have been living for so long.

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Your image

Live music: ★★★★ 1⁄2