May 27, 2022

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Alberta health crisis: Kenny, O’Toole, same management, Trudeau says | Elections Canada 2021

Alberta health crisis: Kenny, O'Toole, same management, Trudeau says |  Elections Canada 2021

As Premier Kenny admitted last night, his approach was wrong. And leadership is important in this epidemic, The Liberal leader said at a press conference in Montreal on Thursday that the situation was depressing To break the heart.

The day before, Mr. Kenny had been forced Declare a state of emergency in Alberta Kovid-19 in the wake of new cases, hospital admissions and an increasing number of patients being treated in intensive care. Alberta’s health care system has not sunk so much Since the beginning of the epidemic.

His statement acknowledged the failure: we made a mistake and I apologize, Jason Kenny, who has been in favor of rapid deconstruction in recent months, at the same time opposes the imposition of a health passport and a compulsory vaccine.

Mr. O’Toole continues to admire Mr. Kenny’s leadership style and approach, even a few days ago, when he realized how wrong it was to end a job. Pandemic.

A quote from:Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party leader

The leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) has referred to the Alberta policy on several occasions over the past year. Jason Kenny handled the epidemic better than the federal government did, Including Erin O’Toole at the annual general meeting of the United Conservative Party of Alberta last October.

On Sunday, during a campaign stoppage in Vancouver, Mr O’Toole was also mentioned Alberta is the best tracking strategy in the country during the first wave.

But on Thursday, in St. John, New Brunswick, Erin O’Toole stopped the campaign. Beat many questions about this past praise And the policy he himself would follow to curb the epidemic if he came to power.

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I will work with all prime ministers regardless of their loyalty, Repeated Mr. O’Toole on several occasions. He also accused Justin Trudeau of calling the election For $ 600 million In the middle of the fourth wave. I will never call an election in the midst of a health crisis.

Justin Trudeau There is also responsibility

The leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) Jason Kenny took part in the argument against his liberal opponent. This is a leadership error on the part of Mr. Kenny in Alberta and we should blame him, no doubt, He told a news conference in the Toronto area.

But he never left Justin Trudeau There is also responsibility, he is the Prime Minister, According to Jagmeet Singh. It is not leadership that calls for elections when the fourth wave of COVID-19 hits hard. Now it is severely damaged in Alberta. We may have done different things to protect the population and provide assistance.

Not to mention the election call, the retiring prime minister defended himself for doing too little for Alberta. If a province is determined to do or not to do anything, we have limited tools to impose a federal decision., He stressed.

According to him, respect for areas within the provincial jurisdiction is in danger. We are there to encourage them, to push them in the right direction, […] We are not going to do micro management in their capacity areas, He pleaded, listing help with contact tracing, sending rapid tests and providing millions of vaccines in support of Alberta.

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Alberta currently has 60.5% of the vaccine-eligible population fully immunized. It is the third most vaccinated province in Canada after Nunavut (53.8%) and Saskatchewan (60.3%).

Recall that Alberta Chief Medical Officer of Health Dinah Hinsha admitted earlier this week that the decision to lift virtually all health restrictions was made in early July. The cause of a very high number of COVID-19 cases And unprecedented pressure on hospitals in the province.