June 29, 2022

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Staff shortage | Both hospitals divert ambulances from their emergencies

Staff shortage |  Both hospitals divert ambulances from their emergencies

Two hospitals in the Montreal area will have to divert ambulances from their emergencies due to lack of staff and high traffic. According to the Quebec Emergency Medical Association, “this is unheard of.”

Emily Billodio

Emily Billodio

Ariane Lacorsier

Ariane Lacorsier

Both Saint-Eustach Hospital in the northern crown of Montreal and Surot Hospital in Montarigi must direct ambulances to other hospitals in their area. Surat Hospital also had to close emergencies for non-priority cases for most of the day on Thursday. These reopened at 4 p.m.

“Despite all recent measures, the Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS) in Monterey-est East had to temporarily close emergency ambulance services,” a press release issued Thursday morning read.

According to the Montéréie-Ouest (SPSMO) Union of Healthcare Professionals, 10 nurses worked 16 hours a day to fill day and evening shifts. With the arrival of the night shift, the shortage of human resources became more acute. Only 3 of the 14 nurses were on duty.

“I had nurses crying because they had to say good night to their children through face time many evenings. […] Others are crying uncontrollably when asked to work more than 16 hours, ”said SPSMO President Melanie Gignak.

“Lack of staff is day, evening and night, seven days a week,” she adds.

M.To me Zignak said many nurses are tired of working overtime several times a week. Some need to take time to regain their strength. “Detention overtime has become a measure that makes it easier for the employer. But it’s a double-edged sword. We’ve tired of the staff.

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Dominic Pilan, director of hospital activities at Surot Hospital, spoke about the “critical situation” in the CISSS press release.

Patient safety is a priority, this temporary closure is the ultimate solution and everyone is motivated to reopen as soon as possible.

Dominic Pilan, director of hospital operations at Surot Hospital, in a press release

CISSS instructs patients who need to visit their family physicians, visit the Portile Sante or Rendezvous Santa Quebec site, or seek advice from a pharmacist at the Surot emergency department. CISSS did not respond to our interview request.

“Small teams” in Saint-Eustach

CISSS des Laurentides also confirmed that Saint-Eustach Hospital emergency rooms have been operating “with small teams” since Friday. To assist crews, ambulances were diverted from the weekend to Saint-Jorem, Argentina and sometimes Laval.

“Unfortunately we had 12 nurses who left [leur poste] In the last two weeks, for various reasons: preventive withdrawal (pregnancy), health insurance, work risk and resignation, ”confirmed Dominic Gautier, CISSS Information Officer.

On some days this week, even at St-Jerome Hospital, where 50% of the patients in the waiting room went without seeing a doctor, the pressure was intense. Press.

Julie Dazinolt, president of the Laurentian Healthcare Professionals Union, said nurses were getting medical tickets because they were tired of lack of staff and working overtime. “They are diverting ambulances to Saint-Jerome, but the situation there is not so serious,” M Underline said.To me Dagnolt. Even there, there was a shortage of staff in the emergency room. Here, too, the work is over‌loaded. ”

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“Crisis situation”

At the Association of Emergency Physicians of Quebec, President Judy Morris talks about the “crisis situation.” “Ambulances are being diverted periodically. But the worry today is that we are closing the emergency,” she said.

“We have the impression that we have more and more, more frequent closures. Patients can’t hear the door closing,” D began.Back Fearing other emergencies, Morris will have to close temporarily due to a shortage of nurses.

President of the Quebec Association of Emergency Medicine Specialists, dR Gilbert Boucher explains that sometimes hospitals hijack ambulances for short periods of time, usually two to four hours. “This is often due to lack of space in the resuscitation room or cardiac monitor room,” he says.

The dR However, Boucher said the situation at Surat Hospital was particularly alarming. “The frightening thing is that this is the first emergency in Greater Montreal to close the emergency room. It reflects our reality: we have no people. We have a shortage of nurses,” the doctor said.R Boucher.

Surat Hospital’s temporary diversion of its ambulances could have repercussions for Anna-Laberz Hospital and Lockshore Hospital in Chattanooga. As of yesterday afternoon, the two companies already have high occupancy rates in emergency rooms. The same is true of Saint-Jorem Hospital, which receives ambulances from St. Eustace Hospital.

Occupancy rate in emergency rooms on Thursday afternoon

  • Surot Hospital: 181%
  • Anna-Laberz Hospital: 150%
  • Lakeshore Hospital: 174%
  • Saint-Eustacht Hospital: 128%
  • Saint-Jerome Hospital: 130%