May 23, 2022

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Black still dreams of 40 seats

Black still dreams of 40 seats

Two days before the (Lewis) poll, the leader of the Black Cubacois, Yves-Franois Blanchett, still dreams of eight more seats than in 2019.

Suzanne Colpron

Suzanne Colpron

“I still want it. I think it’s possible,” he told a news conference Friday in Saint-Etienne-des-Grace, on the banks of the Saint-Maurice River near Schavignon.

However, he emphasized that it was a dream. And not the goal.

“I said I dreamed of 40 seats. I want to get 40 seats. Lack of humility in saying I have no goal: that’s not all or belly. And lack of humility in the category, I have already given up.”

However, Mr. Blanchett looked more optimistic at the start of the campaign. In Quebec, on August 16, he announced at a press conference that he had “40 goals”. “But I’m not telling my dreams,” he suggested, expecting more.

Did Mr. Blanchett revise his dreams or did he run out of tactical wisdom at the end of the campaign? We can ask the question because the last few days have been relatively favorable for him. The slippery slope of the federal leaders’ English debate on September 9 brought the wind to its screen.

Frankly, I think in most cases Black ends the Monday evening with a relative smile.

Yves-Franకోois Blanchett, leader of the Black Cubacois

In Trois-Rivieres, the leader of the Black Quebacois went to court in the area on Friday, but the fight was not won.

Photo by Ryan Remierge, Canadian Press

Vice-Franకోois Blanchett visited Trois-Rivieres on Friday

Black surprised in 2019 by winning the seat with a slight lead over the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party in this riding. Black Cubacois Louis Charbonnie received 28.5% of the vote, Liberal Valerie Renaud-Martin 26% and former Trois-Riviers mayor Conservative Yves Lavesque 25.2%.

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The ethicist Rene Willemure, less well known than his rivals, tries to come after him.

Despite everything, M. Blanchett was confident of his party’s chances of success. “I think it’s good that everyone is saying this: Think right in Mauritius, we think we have something interesting to offer you,” he said. And we have a little bit of an opinion as the call is heard, maybe a little bit. ”

10,000 km by coach

Since the campaign began, Mr Blanchett has traveled nearly 10,000km on his bus in Quebec, which is the equivalent of a round trip from coast to coast across Canada!

This past week is no exception: Trois-Rivieres, Lewis and Quebec Friday, Mont-Saint-Hiller, the day before Saint-Jorem and Montreal, Longuil, Chategway, Saint-Bruno-de-Monterville, Warrens Wednesday. As noted his days are very long and his stops are frequent Tap This week.

Photo by Jacques Boisinot, Canadian Press

Vice-Franకోois Blanchett and his wife in front of the Black Quebecois bus, Friday, in Davy Shipyard, Lewis

Mr Blanchett did not give up his efforts, believing that the last days of the campaign could pay him big.

When asked on Wednesday if he had high expectations for Monday’s poll, the Mayor of Mercy, Liz Mychod, said: “Actually, it’s very ambiguous. Half of me say, “I can not wait,” because at one point, you know, sleep … but the other half say: “Five days left.” Five days well spent, probably another county. ”

Tough battles

Tough fights were declared in many constituencies. In many cases, the Liberals overtook the block by far less than a few percentage points, as did Argentina, Chateaugui, Gaspace-les-la-de-la-Medellin, Quebec, Saint-Maris and Longuil-Charles-Lemoine.

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But do not forget that the opposite is possible. Some block profits are fragile, lagging far behind in Trois-Riviers or Beauport-Cote-de-Bupre-dle d’Orléans-Charlevoix, or even riding without Liberals. Longuil-Saint-Hubert, Therese-de Blaineville or Riviere-des-Mille-Isles. Bertier – In Muskinong, the New Democrats are behind the block.

In Conservative-ruled rides, especially in the Quebec City area and on the south coast of the national capital, if block members are trying to entice single clients, profits for the block need a more recognizable trend.

“We remind everyone, not without a little vanity, that most people did not think we could win Beauport-Limoilou, that we did not expect Beauport-Cote-de-Bupre-dle d’Orléans-Charlevoix, that we could win Lock-Saint-Jean. People did not think so, ”the Black leader warned in Lewis on Friday.

“We won them. I took the idea that we could create surprises.”

Fearing a low turnout, the black leader once again stressed the importance of voting.

“What I want to post the most is just the little tights marked ‘Vote Monday’, ‘Vote Monday’, ‘Vote Monday’, because democracy is usually the greatest risk of exposure, people say:” It’s really complicated, too, “and who stays at home. And it is very doomed. “

“And I’m telling everyone,” he added. You green, NDP, liberal, vote. ”

What he said

On sovereignty

“I think it’s clear that the Quebecars will want this before they finish rocking the porch when I retire. Probably even a long time ago. We are ready to provide. ”

On mandatory vaccination

“If compulsory vaccination is a sector that is relevant and legal, it is a health sector.”

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Sur Muscat Falls

“The federal government has never invested a penny in the development of Hydro-Quebec and should never use the money of cubes to create a rival for it in Newfoundland. Until it covers the total money swallowed by Ottawa in this failure, the Black Proposition is to compensate the Quebecars by abolishing the GST on household hydropower bills.”

On the Davy site

“Quebec pays for these ships. Quebec seeks its share in the construction of these ships. And the best part is that all of Canada benefits from Quebec’s expertise, respect for Quebec deadlines, Quebec’s respect for budgets, and quality and innovation when they are manufactured in Quebec.”