May 28, 2022

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“Boy, you can not lower your head,” Mark Schifel said in a statement

"Boy, you can not lower your head," Mark Schifel said in a statement

Winnipeg Jets forward Mark Schiffele has teamed up with Manitoba Public Insurance Company for a promotional campaign and say the slogan will not impress Montreal Canadians fans.

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“You can’t lower your head, man,” the skater told a motorist looking at his cell phone as he drove his car.

On the French page of the Manitoba Public Insurance Company, it was translated: “Hitting the head is not funny”.

In the last playoffs, Sheffield received a four-game suspension for violently knocking out Canadian forward Jake Evans. He scored a goal in the empty net to ensure his team’s victory in the first game of the series between the two Canadian teams. By the time the Jets spokesman hit him hard, the CH Center had pushed his head down …

Account Posted by Instagram nhlbreakers In the video ad and in the comments many netizens called Evans. Currently, the Canadian player has not commented on the case.

Schiffele will lose his first game in 2021-22 when the Manitoba team visits the ducks in Anaheim on October 13, as they capture the series with the Blue-Blank-Roose Jets.

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