May 23, 2022

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Takachuk Contract: The whole family has landed!

Takachuk Contract: The whole family has landed!

When the Ottawa Senators training camp began, Brady Tkachuk was still looking for a deal, a situation his family was familiar with.

When his brother, Matthew, signed his current three-year, $ 21 million contract with Calgary Flames‌, he did so in late September 2019. The same thing happened with their father Keith.

“He’s probably doing Takachuk right now,” Matthew Tkachuk said on the sports net’s podcast “31 Thoughts: The Podcast,” Friday. Our dad is waiting, Matthew is waiting and Brady seems to be on that path too. We hope he finds his deal, but there are a lot of false rumors in this regard. They are not so close, but who knows? Maybe they will find some common causes.

Although the Takachuk family knows that it is hard to resist and have the knack of slipping under the skin of rivals, everything should come true even in the case of negotiations. Hockey players are as tough with snow as they are in business, and they roam in packs.

Like “family business”

“I’m in the mix, I’m still in. It’s a family business, nobody wants to do it there with Tkachuk, but we do it by committee. […] Our dad and I will definitely participate. Brady needs some help with these things. He’s not as throaty as he used to be in our situation, but he’s getting more and more squeamish as this business continues. “

There have been recent rumors circulating about Brady Tkachuk stating that he is about to sign an eight-year, $ 8 million annual contract, a deal similar to the one signed by Thomas Chabot in 2019. This salary is certainly justified, if we believe these words his brother.

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“He’s a very good player, he deserves to have everything he can do,” Matthew said. He is the most important part of his team. Captain. He loves being there, so let’s see what happens. ”

The Senators Training Camp will begin on Wednesday, September 22nd.