May 20, 2022

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Australia made a “big mistake”, the French ambassador said

Australia made a "big mistake", the French ambassador said

I think this is a big mistake, very wrong in partnership management – because it is not a contract, it is a partnership based on trust, mutual understanding and honesty.

A quote from:Jean-Pierre Tobalt, French Ambassador to Australia

From Wednesday to Thursday night, it was announced that the order for the 12 conventional propulsion submarines placed in the Naval Group had been canceled. Century deal, Provoked the surprise and anger of the French leaders.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian denies the allegations A blow to the back From Australia, the trust is believed to have a relationship with Canberra Betrayed.

A sign outside the French embassy after Paris announced its decision to recall its ambassadors to the United States and Australia.

Photo: Reuters / GERSHON PEAKS

Following the cancellation of the order, France on Friday recalled its ambassadors to the US and Australia for consultations, leading to an unprecedented diplomatic crisis.

I would love to step into the time machine if possible and find myself in a situation where we do not appear in such an amazing, awkward, inappropriate and non-Australian situation., The French ambassador also said.

Despite the need for reconsideration, I was very sad to be forced to leave [de la situation, NDLR], He added.

Australia says it regrets recalling French ambassador and understands Paris disappointment

Australian Foreign Minister Maurice Payne says he is not doing that No doubt France is a valuable ally in the eyes of Canberra.

In Washington, a White House official said the United States would work in the coming days to resolve the dispute with Paris.

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Relations between France and Australia have actually fallen to their lowest level since 1995. At the time, Canberra condemned the resumption of French nuclear tests in the South Pacific and recalled its ambassador to France.