July 6, 2022

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In Capitol Hill, an ultra-muscular device for demonstrators in support of pro-Trump

In Capitol Hill, an ultra-muscular device for demonstrators in support of pro-Trump

Washington | High walls, police officers in riot gear wearing shields, and rows of trucks: Anxious not to experience the brunt of the assassination attack on the Capitol again, American officials welcomed hundreds of small people in Washington on Saturday. Demand the release of the January 6 riots.

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“Release them! Release them!”: Gathered in front of an American congressional seat protected by an unequal-looking device, this modest group sought to force Donald Trump supporters to end their imprisonment for allegedly throwing chaos. The American capital, but they qualified as “political prisoners.”

“It’s our capital, our taxpayer, so we have the right to go there whenever we want,” AFP Daniel, 35, pointed to the building with the white dome, following a worldwide invasion that followed a cold winter afternoon.

The man, who did not want to be named whether he was also involved in the January 6 riots, called for the release of his “friends” who were unjustly imprisoned in his eyes.

“Rights infringed”

On January 6, thousands of Donald Trump supporters gathered outside the White House to hear who was still president.

Hundreds of those who cheated during the presidential election in November, Joe Biden won, were confirmed by members of parliament, in the presence of Vice President Mike Pence, as Democrat victory.

More than 600 people were arrested for their involvement in the attack and the majority were charged with more or less massive counts. More than 50 have pleaded guilty and, on the other hand, six have been convicted in federal courts.

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“Their rights have been violated,” AFP denounced David Thackeray. “Their crimes do not justify the way they deal with it,” said a 63-year-old man from neighboring Virginia.

Some T-shirt-wearing spectators, also chanting the name Ashley Babbitt, commemorate this January day when a police officer was shot dead as she tried to force her way into the representative room’s hemicycle. The ex-soldier was martyred by these demonstrators.

Rally organizers allowed 700 people to gather near the capital, but the crowd was very small, with many reporters around.

Another important difference is that Congress did not sit on Saturday and parliamentarians were not inside when the demonstrators convened.

The police reported that the police had arrested 4 people who announced that the “no event” was separated by one of the slogans and defenders.