May 19, 2022

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Leaders questioned the need to protect the Church of the Blessed Sacrament

Leaders questioned the need to protect the Church of the Blessed Sacrament

At the end of the federal election, Quebec mayoral candidates gathered in the Saint-Sacramento district yesterday, with citizens in a crusade to protect their church.

Closed from 2019, the Centennial Church of the Most Blessed Sacrament is on artificial respiration, but the Ministry of Culture is waiting to determine whether it will classify the building or not. The response will be available by May 2022.

Four party leaders have responded to an invitation from the SOS Saint-Sacrament Citizens’ Committee to hold a “festival meeting” in the highly disputed district (Montcolm-Saint-Sacramento), where Municipal Council Dean Yvonne Bassiers decided not to represent him. At Samuel-Holland Park.

The group seeks its request to protect the building and to adapt to community and cultural activities and to prevent the growth of real estate in this “Village Core”.

“We must continue to assess whether the building is in good condition for survival. If so, it must be used because it is a strong symbol for the neighboring people,” said Bruno Marchand from Quebec.

“If the condition of the building does not allow it, on site, we will return this space to the citizens,” he continued.

Mayor candidates Bruno Marchand (strong and proud Quebec) and Jean-Franకోois Gosselin (Quebec 21) had a friendly exchange during a single-citizen event in the Montcolm-Saint-Sacramento district on Saturday.

Photo Didier Debusshore

Mayor candidates Bruno Marchand (strong and proud Quebec) and Jean-Franకోois Gosselin (Quebec 21) had a friendly exchange during a single-citizen event in the Montcolm-Saint-Sacramento district on Saturday.

Find the solution

Democrat Quebec leader Jean Rousseau recalled that, unlike the LaBoume administration, it voted in favor of citing the building to the Municipal Council to determine its heritage value. “We have to stop this reflex we are throwing to the ground to rebuild,” he thought.

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Jean-Franకోois Gosselin, 21, from Quebec, said he hoped his candidate, businessman Jean-Pierre du Salt, would bring relevant people together and find solutions if elected. “It takes a project, it needs a financial package,” he insisted. Jackie Smith, for his part, pledged to extend the money needed to renovate the building.

Mary-Josie Saward, who was absent for family reasons, sent her candidate there. His party advocates for “searching for lasting solutions” and “listening” to religious heritage.

Is for sale

Benheiros-Dina-Belanger Parish estimates it will cost $ 10 million to renovate the church on Chemin Saint-Foy, which it has been trying to sell for years. It has become a financial ditch that prevents other churches from ensuring stability, with Director General Andre G. Bernier noting that any “reasonable” purchase offer from the city or even from a group citizen would be considered.

SOS Saint-Sacrament, the parish questions the estimated $ 10 million, thinks of an offer to buy, but first studies the condition of the structure and seeks grants.

On Saturday, the organization also received the support of the liberal candidate in Federal Riding Quebec, Jean-Yves Duclos and solidarity member Catherine Dorian.

Marchand denies disposal of clouds

The strong and proud Quebec chef was shocked earlier this week by a tax on cloud cover by his rival Mary-Josie Saward. “We can make accusations on anything. Yes, we have a vision and I admit to the idea that we have ideas for this city,” Bruno Marchand responded Saturday.

M.To me Savard, among other things, criticized him on Thursday, saying “citizens believe the municipality can make a difference in the setting up of day care centers.” “We have proposed through concrete methods the way the city is empowered to intervene. This city does not occupy the position of Quebec government, but it can function,” Mr. Marchand replied.

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“We understand that this is a change of tone. […] If it goes there, they have concerns and it shows our progress, “he said.

Leaders are skeptical of the mayor’s plan

Candidates Gosselin, Marchand and Rousseau were not particularly attracted when Regis LaBeoum announced the Sailboat Race between Quebec and Vancouver using the Northwest Passage in 2023 to raise awareness among the global population on the effects of global warming on the Arctic.

“It’s interesting, but when I saw it I believed it. It was nowhere to be seen,” the Quebec 21 leader responded.

“No one heard about it two weeks ago. Is this a good project? I hear proposals, but [je] I’m far from being convinced, “he said, backing Quebec’s strong and proud leader. The same skepticism on the part of Jean Rousseau in Democratic Quebec. [écologiques] We live here in Quebec, there are many more. “

Rousseau denied that there were any recruitment issues

Although it is the only political party that has not confirmed a candidacy for everyone in the 21 districts, Democracy Quebec still hopes to provide a full team.

“No, it’s not a question of difficulty [à recruter]We want people who are truly committed to their community. There are people who have to declare professionally at the last minute. It doesn’t matter if it’s more difficult or not, “said Chef Jean Rousseau.

Currently, there are 13 so-called “democratic” candidates. According to Mr Russo, other announcements are coming in the coming days. He targeted 21 candidates, but did not want to say when his team would finish. “I will announce it as I go and I will let you know,” he replied.

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In the meantime, his team is set to meet with voters, he said, “although no candidate has been officially announced.”

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