May 23, 2022

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Pictura de Ipse: Direct Music – Hubert Lenoir | Salvation by Music ★★★★

Pictura de Ipse: Direct Music - Hubert Lenoir |  Salvation by Music ★★★★

Direct cinema refers to the documentary approach, where the protagonists are shot to the point where they forget the camera. They unknowingly reveal themselves more than during filming.

Emily Cote

Emily Cote

Hubert Lenoir’s second album, Search for Truth and Identity, is titled His film: Straight Music.

“I look like a person you appreciate that I’m not a normal person,” Hubert Lenoir sang in the opening room.

“His picture” Meaning “self-image”. The most concept 54 minute record really has a lot of introspection. There is also a warning on its cover: “This album is designed to be uncomfortable at times. ”

Inconvenient? We want to tell Hubert Lenoir that he’s not so good at justifying anyone, especially on the second album – to be honest – intended for those who already know him.

During the live movie shooting, Lenoir and his audience were in a safe place (Safe place). 54 minutes of musical space-time Crossed by the multiple lights of the pop genius.

Let us quote the electro-funk order Four quarters. Ballad October Lenoir emphasizes how music is a shield and useful to get out of his shell. Hula Hoop, The indescribably happy part, the Groove Soul-electro at zero gravity Step Or Ville-Marie b.

On the contrary Darlene, Lenoir’s first solo album, no essence (as Daughter of man II) Will eclipse the rest. Instrumentations, more rap, electro and jazz are at a much higher level (hats for collaborative high class).

Shape of My picture: straight music It’s not “uncomfortable”, but it’s not that easy. Summaries from classics written by Robert Charleboys performed by the CRABE group serve as transitions, as well as summaries of conversations recorded here and there.

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If the conceptual and artistic direction of the album is less clear to the public than Hubert Lenoir, it is a fascinating myth to the ears. We can only appreciate the melodic skill of the songwriter, his vocal commentary Glam And his musical addiction. In part Sugar + salt, Lenoir nodded clear and straight to Prince and Tube Lady Marmalade. Tour de Force.

For any group or solo artist, the second album is a dangerous exercise. For Hubert Lenoir, it may be a long way from “I”, but with so much enthusiasm he brings together all those who make music salvation.

My picture: straight music


My picture: straight music

Hubert Lenoir

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