March 30, 2023

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Rinsing the mouth with betadine is “ineffective” and dangerous

Rinsing the mouth with betadine is "ineffective" and dangerous

Should Kovid-19 be treated or prevented by mouthwash with betadine antiseptic solution? After hydroxychloroquine and ivarmectin, here is an alternative “treatment” now suggested by anti-vaccine activists on social networks.

It all started from scratchA video from Thailand And dating from April. Interviewed on television, a certain doctor, Tornas Krataitang, directly asserted that it was possible to strengthen his immunity against Kovid-19 infection by gargling with povidone iodine, the active formula of an antiseptic solution known as betadine. “Usually, when the virus enters our nose and mouth, it travels to the airways and lungs. ‘Gargle’ is the important thing.”, Assured the doctor before verifying the matter “It can prevent Kovid-19 from entering your mouth and lungs. They should do so if they are not yet infected with Kovid-19.”.

No effect against Kovid-19

A few months later, the video reached American Antivox, and since then the method has been recommended on social networks. The scale of the phenomenon is that a company called Avrio Health, which markets betadine across the Atlantic, responded on its website.

In His Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), the laboratory confirms that there is no antiseptic effect on the coronavirus and therefore must “Betadine has not been shown to be effective in treating or preventing small cuts, burns or scratches (…) Kovid-19 or any other virus.”.

Risk of fever, nausea, vomiting …

In addition to being ineffective against the virus, betadine mouthwashes are dangerous to health. Used to cleanse the skin and wounds, this antiseptic and antifungal is not intended to be swallowed in its classic version. Toxic, betadine can also cause fever, headache, nausea, and severe vomiting. There is also a diluted version to treat mild sore throat, which should not be drunk. In case of taking, it is advisable to consult a doctor without delay.

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