May 22, 2022

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Black “raises its glass” in rural areas

Black "raises its glass" in rural areas

(Cowansville) Young people are in Estri to promote Black Cubacois on the last day of the election campaign.

Alice Girard-Boss

Alice Girard-Boss

On Sunday afternoon, the leader of the Black Cubacos, Yves-Franకోois Blanchett, stopped with the La Grande Cowley Beer Festival in Mont Orford, where many young people came to show their support.

“This is a rebuttal to the myth that all our supporters have white hair and are in a wheelchair,” Mr Blanchett said.

With a smile, the party leader went to meet voters on Sunday. He did not deny that he changed his attitude during the campaign. “When people express enthusiasm, and in recent days, we feel a lot of excitement, we are lighter and go more towards people,” he said.

Mark-Antoine Sylvestre was very happy to visit the festival and meet the Black Cubacois team. “I’m happy to see the chef because we see him on television, but there, we have the opportunity to meet him in person.”

He noted the growing interest in Black Cubacois among the youth around him. “It is a foregone conclusion that those who vote for the Black are the oldest,” he said.

Since the campaign began, the block leader has often received encouragement from voters or old activists on his travels.

Marilou Allery, a candidate in the Brom-Mississippi Riding, was accompanied by Mr. Blanchett. “It’s a festive place. We’re happy to be here and raise glass in the countryside,” she said.

“I want people to participate”

Late in the afternoon, people gathered in Cowansville to welcome the Black team.

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The party leader took the opportunity to invite all Cubis to vote on Monday.

Photo by Robert Skinner, Law Press

Yves-Franకోois Blanchett, leader of the Black Cubacois

I ask everyone to vote. I want people to participate. When I see 50% turnout rates, I’m worried dramatically about the municipal election in a few weeks.

Yves-Franకోois Blanchett, leader of the Black Cubacois

“Actually, I have a preference if people put an X next to the name of a Black Cubacois candidate,” the leader said.

The leader of the Black Cubacos is expected to make a “call for tolerance” on Monday evening. “Depending on the constituency, sometimes the results are clear, but sometimes it’s too strong, it can take two or three days for the results to come. We have to be patient. Mr Blanchett reiterated his desire to get 40 seats, 8 more than in the last election.

“We want a strong delegation to Ottawa. That’s what we wanted from the beginning. Mr Blanchett is awesome, but he needs us and he has a lot of files, so we want to share the work. The more people we have, the more efficient we are,” he said.To me Alari.

Photo by Robert Skinner, Law Press

Marilo Alari (right), Black Cubacois candidate in Brom-Mississippi Riding

M. Blanchett and MTo me Alari reiterated their desire to become a minority government. “Minority government is definitely an advantage to Black Cubacois. When you are in the minority, you have to come to an understanding with others and seek consensus. If the minority government wants to move its projects forward and approve its laws, Quebec must be able to stay on the table and give its agreement,” Mr suggested.To me Alari.

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Blanchett helps Haider

Earlier in the day, Mr. Blanchett arrived to give a boost to the wife of prisoner Saudi blogger Rife Badawi, Ensaf Haider.

“I prefer someone who wakes up with an uncertain Frenchman to one who sits with a good Frenchman,” Black leader Yves-Franకోois Blanchett pleaded in favor of his candidate Ensaf Haider in Sherbrooke on Sunday.

M.To me Haider was criticized by rivals for his more or less skilled French.

Photo by David Boyle, Press Archives

Ensaf Haider, Black Cubacois candidate in Sherbrook

Do Sherbrook residents need someone to talk to or someone to act?

Ensaf Haider, a Black Cubacois candidate in Sherbrook, in front of a group of young Black supporters who came to promote him

Riyadh sentenced Mr Badawi to 10 years in prison in 2012 for criticizing the regime: the Black has reiterated its demand on party leaders seeking to form the next federal government to deport Rif Badawi from Quebec. Weeks after the election.

With Patrice Bergeron, Canadian Press