December 4, 2022

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CF turns off Montreal fire

CF turns off Montreal fire

CF Montreal almost burned out in the first half, saved by James Pontemis. Then the Mihailovic-Kyoto combination fired again.

Frederick Duchess

Frederick Duchess

We played a lot in Central Third in the first quarter. The ball is mostly in CF Montreal’s feet -70% -but, without threats, except for Jordz Mikhailovic at almost twenty meters off-center free kickE Minute.

Then the Chicago Fire flew into it with two serious fears, almost five minutes later. Montreal James Pantemis header then dives to his right, before stealing Luka Stojanovic in a full axis shot that goes into the left skylight corner.

Serb is Chicago’s top scorer this season, 7 of his 24 goals.

At 22E At the minute, Joaquin Torres was unable to take advantage of the split, and goalkeeper Gabriel Slonina stopped in the middle of the race. The Illinois native is only in his second career game.

Photo by Graham Hughes, Canadian Press

Joaqun Torres tried to overtake fire goalkeeper Gabriel Slonina in the first half.

Over the next ten minutes, Pantemis signaled again, then Rudy Camacho intercepted the ball going towards the back of the cage.

Medium, at Chicago Fire-6-14-5, 12E Rank in the East – This creates the most important chances of the half, though he only has 41% at the time of playing. He shot six times, was stopped four times by James Pantemis, and on the other two occasions by defense.

Under the circumstances, CF Montreal should be happy to retire to the locker room without damage.

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His best chance came when the Chicago defender came too close to divert Jorge Mihailovic’s strike behind his goalie.

The best in the second half

Upon his return, Ahmed Hamdi entered the midfield for Samuel Piet. Another alternative to head coach Wilfried Nancy would be beneficial.

“I made a tactical adjustment at half time. I told Samuel, I was taking him out. And I wanted to thank him. I told him I was changing strategically and he knew the reason. He was flawless in his mood. He encouraged the team and praised him. This is how we match. We won, ”Nancy told a news conference.

Slowly, the CF climbed the Montreal Conference. At 58E Minute, Rommel misses a beautiful staging by Quioto Matthew Chonier, right on the side in the absence of Zachary Bralt-Gillard. But that is only a postponement.

Two minutes later, Korto was about to get (another) help from Jordi Mikhailovic. A 11E For the latter. He ranks second in the MLS in this regard.

As for Honduran, it’s 5E His 14th goalE The match club’s 2020 MVP has three goals and two assists in its last four meetings.

Photo by Graham Hughes, Canadian Press

Rommel Quito scored his 5 runsE Season goal.

After gaining the lead, Mikhailovic gave way to Emanuel Masial.

Then at 80E Minute, CF Montreal created its second net, although none of its players recorded it.

Attempting to cut, sliding the front foot, a cross pass from Matthew Choinire aimed at Ahmed Hamdi, while defender Carlos Taron pushed it into his own goal. And it was 2-0 for the locals, the final mark at Saputo Stadium.

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Two other goals – one on each side – will also be conceded offside in the second half.

With five saves, James Pantemis signed the third shutout of the season. In addition, Matthew Choinire is now a player formed by the company that played most minutes with a big club.

Wilfried Nancy’s squad finished third in 7 duels in 22 days.

“We keep playing games, but it’s better than weeks without matches,” defender Rudy Camacho assured.

With these three points, Montreal (10-8-7) raises a few beams to the east. He is currently fifth, with nine games left. The first seven clubs advance to the series.

On Wednesday, at 5pm, CF Montreal will visit HFX Wanderers FC as part of the Canadian Championship, where its title defense begins. His next MLS game will be in Columbus on Saturday night (8-11-7, 10)E Meeting rank).


CF Montreal final takeover rate

Source: MLS


Jordi Mikhailovic was not only an exceptional passer. His ascent causes many of the opponent’s shortcomings. Five in this game, four more than other CFM players.