March 24, 2023

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Gaming | Video Game – Madden 22: American Football in Your Living Room

Gaming |  Video Game - Madden 22: American Football in Your Living Room

2022 vintage games are starting to come into our consoles. First on the rope, Madden! Like every year, or almost, EA Sports has a huge task of announcing the color of the beloved American football game and receiving fan expectations. This year’s mission is even more complicated, as it is the first part to land on the PS5, after Episode 21 Cross-Zen … but if the simulation is still effective, the technical leap is not clear and will be in line with its predecessors.

We found everything that makes the salt of the license: Story mode – the most acceptable this year -, the chance to start a career as a player or manager – arguably the most complete mode – and the inevitable Ultimate Team with a more complete FIFA, but messy menus. Surprisingly, all the lessons are still in English. It may be time to translate the license into something more democratic. U.S. Foot is finally still not as popular in France.

The graphic design question is not a real slap in the face to the Madden 22 but it is pleasing to the eye to the Frostbite engine, which delivers stunning animations and pays homage to football players. Conflict issues, on the other hand, are always frustrating.

The gameplay level, the title is the same as the previous one and the regulars get their marks quickly. The most attractive novelty is the introduction of the “momentum” gauge, which is filled by acknowledging the beautiful actions achieved. Once activated, it allows you to take advantage of the temporary bonus by increasing the morale of the troops or by reducing the courage of the opponent. Sympathy as being able to define a specific strategy at the beginning of each match. Combined with the talent of the superstars and the wealth of techniques provided, the set is very complete, despite the flaws. But strongly true revolution!

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(Game tested on PS5)