July 5, 2022

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Gaming: What to remember (and not to remember) from the Cannes Lions – movie

Gaming: What to remember (and not to remember) from the Cannes Lions - movie

Among the selected campaigns at the Cannes Lions last June, several dozen related to gaming. Upon closer inspection, we learned a number of lessons: In the coming months, some of the advertisers who want to enter the world of video game marketing will definitely be drawn in, while others … very little.

Use the possibilities associated with player behavior and platform specifics

When video games allow you to solve problems with solutions that are not in the physical world, it is a shame to use the new environment to apply old advertising revenue.

By turning the virtual library built into Minecraft into censorship-free media, Reporters Without Borders was able to turn their “uncensored library” into a truly iconic campaign that enabled individuals in countries where censored information was controlled and manipulated by governments. Documents‌ but the rest of the public opinion to learn about the problem as well.

Why impose yourself on players when you can play with them? By adopting the posture of er darya, a brand can reward the attention of players in many ways.

A strategy rather than a creative idea, Wendy’s has become a streamer on Twitch with the goal of entertaining the gaming community. We were then able to find the brand in a large number of games from Fortnight to Roblocks via Smash Brothers, in the form of an avatar taken directly from its logo or by creating levels, for example in Super Mario Maker, made available to players. By creating entertaining and valuable content for gamers, Wendy Twitch entered the top 1% of the most viewed streamers.

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By observing the habits of players and their needs on gaming platforms, anyone can easily use the brand. They know how to recognize and appreciate those who try to understand them.

Players can spend a lot of money to get virtual costumes for their favorite characters (popularly known as “Skins”). By exchanging unused clothes for flow skins for free, the Argentine VOD Platform and the Manos Abiartas Foundation were able to engage players by turning a habit into rewards instead of er dary for vulnerable children.

When the search for visibility takes precedence over value creation

Be careful not to abuse campaign maneuvers. Burger King’s “hacking” campaigns have been well-received in the advertising community for Twitch’s features, with teeth gritted in the gaming community, accusing the brand of intrusion.

Streamers are not appreciated for using their space without permission to promote the fast food brand their menus and especially by using the donation system especially for viewers who want to pay a few dollars to their favorite impressor. Many streamers were unknowingly involved in the operation as Burger King did not contact them to create an activation so that the brand, streamer and viewers would all be winners.

With “Anti-Bullying Skin”, Samsung offers streamers special Fortnight skins that are assigned to the game by default and provide players with nothing but the source of harassment. Naturally, harassment is sometimes a serious problem with serious consequences, and providing free skins is far from the most satisfying solution.

Let us be humble: we cannot solve deep problems with propaganda even if we are smart. On the other hand, if you are looking to solve a social problem through video games (which is also a great way to make a popular creative leap) then one piece of advice: study them well and try to provide a measurement solution in both posture rules rather than tone, even if it is only partial.

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Finally, if activities in gaming are democratized, we can see the emergence of trends:

– The creation of immersive experiences that are contrary to the traditions of the physical world.

– Learning player behavior to build a bridge between virtual and real,

– Finally adopting a generous and fun positioning, players are not necessarily accustomed to seeing brands occupy valuable space when it comes to engaging.

However, some activations usually fall into specific difficulties related to advertising, such as prioritizing visibility over creating a value-added experience or trying to clumsyly address a problem beyond the countryside. We must remember that these lessons can be applied to all campaigns, gaming or.

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