March 22, 2023

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Legalt reiterated his warnings in the run-up to the election

Legalt reiterated his warnings in the run-up to the election

Prime Minister Franois Legalt climbed into an old church choir on Sunday to reiterate his warnings for the federal election.

“Sunday morning in the church … the old church,” Mr. Legalt said, laughing, addressing the young coquettes who had gathered in Congress at the unholy church in Limoilou, Quebec.

During the poll, the Prime Minister chose his platform to commemorate his cattle herd for his national government: the protection of territories within the provincial jurisdiction, the French language and Quebec values.

“Unfortunately, as we have seen in the last few weeks with the federal elections, there are also parties that boast of intervening in a really important capacity, the health sector,” Francois Legalt began without naming the Federal Liberals directly.

They blamed “some parties” for imposing conditions in lieu of funding for health care. Instead, the Coquist prime minister is demanding a permanent increase in federal health transfers, at $ 6 billion a year.

“We want more civil servants in Ottawa, not Ottawa. In Quebec, there are more nurses,” he applauded using the Black Leader Yves-Franకోois Blanchett formula during face-to-face TVA.

Prime Minister Legalt has again called on the federal government to give Quebec full control over immigration resulting from family reunification. “We need more powers in immigration matters for French survival,” he said.

Quebec values

Franకోois Legalt also promised to uphold the principle of secularism, especially through Act 21. “It is not true that in Ottawa we make decisions on Quebec values,” he said.

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When asked by a young delegate who CAQ members should know who to vote for, the Prime Minister declared, “It is not up to me to tell the Cubs who to support.”

“What I’m asking the Quebeckers and what I’m asking CAQ activists is that right now, there are three parties that want to interfere in our skills, they do not want to give us power in immigration – but it is very necessary for the French future – and it cannot be ruled out to challenge Act 21,” he said.

“I wanted you to consider it,” he said.

Protective shield against radicals

In addition, the CAQ leader presented his party on Sunday as “Bullwork Against Radicals”.

Fran చిత్రాన్నిois Legalt first used this image in his speech about citizens who oppose the vaccine. Some, as he says, are unconvincing, but another department is just concerned and needs to provide better information.

“This is not the time to be divided in Quebec. It’s time to defend our national unity. Furthermore, at CAQ, we are realists. At CAQ, we are the shield against radicals. .

The CAQ leader re-used the image while answering a question from a young man participating in the French defense. Unlike Party Cubacois, his government opposes the imposition of Bill 101 on CEGEPs, which deprive young Francophones of the right to study in English at the college level.

“As I said before, at the CAQ, we have little protection against radicals. This is true in every respect. I want to keep the national unity we have and I think our Bill 96 is a balanced bill, including a study in Quebec this week. He said about.

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Literary curricula

For proposals approved by young coquettes this weekend, Premier Legalt has the idea of ​​creating curricula of Quebec literary works to teach in Quebec schools.

The day before, a student education spokesman explained that some teachers were offering students to read Harry Potter, while others turned to Michelle Tremble.

Franకోois Legalt told young khakis that he had already instructed the ministers of education and higher education to “go in that direction.”