July 6, 2022

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Quebec’s anti-tax law was weakened by televerking

Quebec's anti-tax law was weakened by televerking

These regulations prohibit the employer from using the replacement to perform employee work during a strike or lockout. They were adopted by the Renనే Lowesque government in 1977 after several serious labor disputes.

However, since there have been lockouts Quebec Journal And at Journal of Montreal In the late 2000s, the court ruled that the employees whose texts were published in these newspapers, but who did not work In the building Owner, not considered strike breakers.

The concept of beingEstablishment So the employer is important in a context where teleworking has become widespread due to the Kovid-19 epidemic.

Concept Anachronistic

What happens today in the context of the strike and teleworking?

It makes me anxious. Attitudes Antiscubs There is a risk of losing their teeth if this explanation [des tribunaux de l’époque] Re-enabled, Commented Gilles Trudeau, professor of labor law at the Faculty of Law at the University of Montreal.

We were caught up in the anachronistic concept of establishment The owner, Trudeau said.

Today with Telework, In the event of a strike, I do not know how the courts will receive it. As a result it is very absurd. This is against the spirit of the law, Started the professor.

Modifications requested

In an interview, FTQ President Daniel Boyer made the assessmentWe need to fix the shootingThis has become widespread, especially with teleworking. Increased the number of places where people work outside the teleworking company From the owner, he said.

We want to modify it according to the new facts. We don’t want more than we had at the time. We want what is accepted, The largest labor center in Quebec, names the president.

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If it’s not, employers can easily say in the context of the power balance on the negotiating table: “I’m locked you out and I’m hiring someone else.” Look, there’s nonsense. It does not work that way. It has not worked in Quebec for 40 years. We must accept it, otherwise we have come to undo what we did well 40 years ago, Mr. Boer pleaded.

The 600,000-member Central President argued for these terms Antiscubs Has the effect of reducing tensions near picket lines.

This will prevent conflicts from escalating and take longer. It balances the energy balance. This is one reason why there is so much industrial peace in Quebec., He says.