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Xbox: Cloud gaming is officially available on PC via the Xbox Windows 10 app, with improved remote play and compatibility with Series X and S

Xbox: Cloud gaming is officially available on PC via the Xbox Windows 10 app, with improved remote play and compatibility with Series X and S

Ways to use Xbox Game Pass Some of them are starting to get too much to overlap. Therefore, to take advantage of it already officially possible Xbox Cloud Gaming Only from Internet browsers Insiders Can benefit from the catalog in Cloud l By application Xbox On personal computers. Now the barrier has been lifted: Everyone can play titles now Xbox Cloud Gaming Through the application for PC under Windows 10 !

And if in the catalog Cloud This is not enough for you, The Play Xbox Remote Is now integrated into the application Xbox PCs running Windows 10 ! So you can too Play remotely, from home or elsewhere, with games installed on your Xbox One and now your Xbox Series X | S, Turn on your console and connect. Updated to make the service more stable, Allows Streamer Enable up to 60 frames per second in 1080p, and select games from the original Xbox and Xbox 360. All details are given by Microsoft Below

Console gamers usually spend their leisure time in a specific room, which may be a room dedicated to meeting friends in the living room or on the Xbox. When someone is already using the living room screen or you are on the go and you do not bring your console, sometimes you can not play when you like. Maybe you do not have a console, but would like to share the console experience with your friends on any device that is convenient for you. As of today, there are new opportunities available (or later) to play console titles remotely on your Windows 10 PC thanks to the Xbox Application:

  • Play Xbox Game Pass Games from the Cloud;
  • Play games directly on your console via the Xbox Remote Play function.
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With these new features, you can now play your favorite console titles on a wide range of PCs, even if you do not have the technical features to run some PC games. By streaming games through the Xbox app, you can play games quickly without having to install them. Go directly to titles like Destiny 2, Hades or your favorite game.

Play Xbox Game Pass titles from the cloud

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can now play Xbox Game Pass titles directly from the cloud via the Xbox app on a Windows 10 PC. Xbox GamePass members can already enjoy Xbox Cloud Gaming (in beta) via browser on phone, tablet and PC; They can now do this directly from the Xbox app.

Cloud gaming is ideal for those who want to get into the game quickly with the Xbox Game Pass, continuing the campaign for the title when you have a few minutes of free time, or trying out the newest game before playing. Decide to install it on your console.

To play through the cloud on your Windows 10 PC, all you need is the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription and Custom Controller. Open the Xbox app, click the Cloud Gaming button and start playing right away from hundreds of titles like Sea of ​​Thieves or Mist.

We’ve added new features to make it easier for you to access information such as your controller and network status, game bar integration, and social options for connecting with your friends. Ands and the ability to invite anyone you want is playing through the cloud to join you in your game.

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To learn more about cloud gaming, visit xbox.com/cloudgaming.

Play captions installed remotely on your console

Xbox Remote Play Your Xbox Series X | Allows you to play captions installed on the S or Xbox One, regardless of generation, with an Internet connection from your Windows 10 PC, whether you are at home or on the go! You can recreate your console experience on another screen: navigate your games, launch what you want, change settings, interact with your friends, and more. From today, you can access the Xbox Remote Play feature from the Xbox app on a Windows 10 PC.

Xbox Series X | This is the first time that Xbox Remote Play has been allowed to play from a PC for those with an S. We’ve also implemented a number of other updates that make the remote play function more stable, allowing you to stream in 1080p with frames up to 60 seconds in 1080p and enable selection of games from the original Xbox and Xbox 360. By the community.

The Xbox Remote Play is available on Windows PCs as well as Android and iOS phones and tablets. To learn more, visit xbox.com/remote-play.

If you want to stream play in the cloud on your Windows 10 PC or through your own console, download the Xbox app from the Windows Store. It also lets you browse the entire Xbox catalog, find the next game you like, see what your friends are playing and chat with them.