March 30, 2023

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YouTube disappearance: FBI searches for a fianc in a reserve

YouTube disappearance: FBI searches for a fianc in a reserve

According to relatives, the FBI and local police services have launched a search for the fianc of the missing YouTuber Gabby Petito.

Police have turned to the Florida Nature Reserve for Brian Laundry, but police are still on their way to Gabby Petito.

Recent attempts to locate the young man have tended toward the Carlton Reservoir, which stretches over 25,000 acres. A team of about fifty people was busy searching the place on Sunday.

The man’s family said they last saw her last Tuesday. According to a Florida Police Department Northport spokesman, he allegedly left the house with his backpack with the intention of going to Carlton Reservation.

Since Gabriel Petito’s disappearance, his fianc భార్యe, Brian Laundry, has been considered by police to be an interested person, but has not faced any charges at this time.

The couple left New York in July with the goal of taking a four-month van trip, and the couple regularly shared the steps on Instagram and YouTube via photos and videos.

But on September 1, Brian Laundry returned home alone with their van to Florida. On September 11, Gabriel Petito’s family reported her disappearance, saying they had not heard from her since late August.

After following lovers on social networks for weeks through the stunning landscapes of the American West, internet users began trying to find the young woman, and the media caught up with the story.

After the Gabby family reported her missing, police questioned Brian‌ and he told them they had “no information”.

“Brian refused to tell us where he last saw the bat, or why he left her alone, that Van had brought her back.” These are crucial questions that need immediate answers, ”the traveler’s family pleaded in a statement.

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After Gabby, police announced that she was currently considering her disappearance as a “case of multiple disappearances”.