June 30, 2022

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Patrick Watson closes FIJM on high note

Patrick Watson closes FIJM on high note

Musically, Sonic, the musical and melodic beauty will always be with Watson‌, like Francois and all his colleagues who saw him for ten days at FIJM, ecstatic to perform on stage in front of an audience of 2,500.

Before Watson and his colleagues got on board – we caught it from the beginning when the brightest bike parade came to the Place des Festivals. Sequence of (piano-voice) I lost to you Mishka Stein (bass) and Andrew Barr (drums, percussion) were very soft before joining Watson. Already, we want to rise to the starry sky.

The group grew with the arrival of singers Kyla Carter and Ariel Angle (La Force) and Cobalt Quartet (Guilume Villeneuve, Diane Baird, Benjamin Rota, Franకోois Leclerc), whose delicate touch and precise pizzikatos were in stunning version Large bird in small cage.

Sublime Slip into your skin Done right, she went into our holes and set up the table for explanation Wave The specific tone of Watson and his choreographers took us a long way from our daily worries.

Watson sings in the trilogy (Melody Noir) Enjoy with all the artists at the level of creating the appropriate intimacy to the club soda or in a wonderful and tonic musical eruption (Mermaid in Lisbon).

Durant Clever escape, Watson donated the entire space and the Place des Festivals Center to ballet dancers Jazz de Montreal, Shanna Irwin and Marcel Mejia, who performed as much sensual, romantic and athletic dance as possible. A wonderful way to enjoy a song from the classics Close to heaven.

Beauty, therefore, in substance and form. The only stylistic break is the appearance of lasers during excitation Turn into noise. Remember, it’s not surprising when you know the song is taken from the album Love songs for robots, But it made a little oath in the decoration of small yellow bulbs.

Watson and his colleagues ended up with a beautiful and serious version Here comes the river. During the huge applause and the applause of the monsters I realized it was already 11:06 at night! Watson passes six-minute curfew … Lighthouse, Planning for a recall?

Everything went according to plan, in the end. The pianist returned to the stage and explained to the festival visitors what had happened next.

See, I’m not allowed to play anymore at this hour, but we will. Just piano-voice. And turn off the lights!

Watson began to perform a melodious song with light on stage, but it gradually faded as the two big screens became dark. And when Watson was in his final notes, when he was in complete darkness, we heard him say: Good evening everyone. Do not make noise, or they will kill me.

And after the last note the weird Jazz Festival ended without a final standing ovation.

Imperial Charlotte Day Wilson

Charlotte Day Wilson sings on stage.

Charlotte Day Wilson or FIJM 2021

Photo: FIJM / Victor Diaz Lamich

A celestial penetrating voice, a sensuality along with a langer that fits her perfectly, R&B songs and a soul grind with jazz: Charlotte de Wilson Few moments last, Saturday evening, at the end, festivals at Place des.

As needed, the multi-instrumentalist Torontonian used his compositions for the piano (most of them), guitar (Looking for you) Or saxophone (Changes). She has performed several compositions from a recent record (Alpha) And some selected tracks she has produced since mid-2010 Stone Women (Aerial) and Work, Heartily applauded, who revealed it.

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In form, if the concert is consistent, the background moves a lot like the singer’s voice. This emotion sometimes leads to salvation (Mountains, Falling apart) When the voices of Charlotte Day Wilson and her formidable three singers merged. Great musical moment to share.

Shay Lea

Shay Lea sings on stage.

She Lia was born in France.

Photo: FIJM / Victor Diaz Lamich

In the R&B scene, Rising Star, adopted Montreal Shay Lea (Shanis Dilita Mohammed) treats a burning audience two hours before Charlotte de Wilson.

It is easy for a young woman to exist and dance on stage. Beyonc సీ is like a seed, in attitude and gestures. With three musicians (bass, keyboards, drums), she chained along with her songs Opportunities, From Montreal Kaithranada, he received a solid welcome.

At times, the voice of the man who describes us as being inspired by Stevie Wonder‌ seems a little lost in the mix, but she is doing more respectfully in front of an audience that salutes her courage and her youth.

But an interesting thing happened the same. Born in France and raised in Djibouti (French-speaking Africa), the singer greeted her parents live on YouTube. Mom, Dad, I love you! Never spoke in French for over an hour.

Even more surprising is the fact that she has lived in Montreal for almost 10 years and interviewed her colleague Pierre Laundry in French for the needs of the FIJM YouTube channel.

Not even one Good evening Montreal!? Did not understand. Let’s keep the inexperienced.

Party with Brooks

The Brooks, Montreal’s Best Funk Band? Is there really competition? The performance presented Friday evening on the symphonic floor was not clear in the background. The group feasted on themselves, which was a real feast for the large crowd.

With Play Part, Which still seems to come from the James Brown record, Mom, never mind, Where is the party And Funk Life, The ensemble danced with songs and music that enlivened the greats of the past.

Charming singer and trombonist Alan Pretter sometimes found it hard to believe he was (just like us). Energy, trumpet and saxophone solos, bursting or luxurious rhythms: intensity and joy did not stop for more than an hour.