May 22, 2022

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“We want to say: ‘for it’ ‘, abbreviated Yves-Franకోois Blanchett | Elections Canada 2021

"We want to say: 'for it' ', abbreviated Yves-Franకోois Blanchett | Elections Canada 2021

At 2 a.m., the Liberal Party of Canada (PLC) continues to lead in Quebec with 35 seats, followed by Black Cubacois (BQ) with 31 seats and the Conservative Party of Canada (PCC) with 11 seats. And the New Democratic Party (NDP) with 1 seat.

BQ, however, topped the public vote with 32.7% of the vote, 32.4% ahead of the PLC, 19.0% of the PCC, 9.8% of the NPD, and the People’s Party of Canada. (PPC) with 2.8% and the Green Party of Canada (PVC) with 1.5%.

The most noticeable increase came from the Conservative Party, which has risen three percentage points since 2019.

Papino MP Justin Trudeau – Who will run another minority government -Bloil-Chambli black leader easily re-elected as Yves-Franకోois Blanchett.

Head of PPC, Maxim Bernier, Failed for the second time in a row to take the reins of Beauce for its part. His conservative rival, Richard Lehoux, was re-elected.

All this for

Yves-Franకోois Blanchett delivered a sober and balanced speech Monday evening at the Pierre-Peladio Center in Montreal.

We want to say: “That’s all for it”He spoke vaguely in front of his supporters, stating that the score of all parties would not be in 2019. There is no winner, no losers.

Is in Canada A sort of Status quo, Should be parliamentarians Restart suspended conversations Last August 16, When Justin Trudeau called an election.

In this spirit, Mr. Blanchett invited the other chefs to a series of meetings. Function Parliament. He even invited them to leave Some anger from the past. Because Quebecars and Canadians have now reaffirmed the will, He stressed.

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Quebec is strong – Quebec is very strong – and who knows what one day strong Quebec will decide, Black Leader‌ launched. In the meantime, it is our duty to highlight, promote, promote, and take forward what Quebec interests are every day.

The Conservative vote was chipped at the black vote, Louis Plumondon said

Re-elected for the 12th time in a row, Beaconcore – Nicolette – Saurel, block member for Louis Plumondon, He explained in an interview with Patrice Roy that the rise in Conservative votes had hurt his party.

He told me that if we could keep the same number of seats, it would already be a great achievement, he admitted. But we did not initially realize that the Conservative vote was eating away at the black vote.

We hope the Conservative vote stays strong and erases the Liberal vote., He continued, saying he hoped the block would penetrate between the two. Or, Despite the indirect support of Prime Minister Legalt, The CCP increased its support a little, and it asked them to BQ, he repeated.

Eleven members of Trudeau’s cabinet were re-elected

The 11 Quebec ministers in the outgoing government were re-elected on Monday evening: Justin Trudeau, Jean-Yves Duclos, Mark Gurney, Mary-Claude BBU, Melanie Jolly, Diane LeBouthier, Franకోois-Philippe Champagne, Pablo Rodriguez, David Lametti, Steven Gilbolt and Mark Miller.

Five delegates enter the communes: the Liberals Pascal Ste-Onge (Brom-Missique) and Sophie Chattel (Pontiac), block members Jean-Denis Garan (Mirabell) and Nathalie Sinclair-Desgagne (Terrebone) and curator Dominique Vian (Bellechsse-les Etchemins-Lewis).

Some star candidates have conservative re-election Richard Martell (Chicoutimi-Le Fjord), Gerard Deltel (Louis-Saint-Laurent) and Alain Reyes (Richmond – Artabasca), as well as those on the block Alexis Brunelle-Duseppe (Lock-Saint-Jean). However, Ensaf Haider Beaten in Sherbrook.

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On Monday evening, the number of races to watch is four, in Bertier – Muskinong, Chateauway-Lacolle, Langueil-Saint-Hubert and Three rivers. These fights may continue with the counting of postal votes on Tuesday and Wednesday or may require recounting at the end of the track.

In 2019, PLC won the lion’s share (35 seats) ahead of BQ (32), PCC (10) and NPD (1). No other party has succeeded in electing candidates. When the House of Commons was dissolved, the picture did not change.

Two years ago, PLC won 34.3% of the vote in Quebec, ahead of BQ (32.4%), PCC (16%), NPD (10.8%), PVC (4, 5%) and PPC (1.5%). The participation rate in Quebec reached 67.3%, three-quarters higher than the national average.