May 25, 2022

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Canadian | Jesse Ylenen is finally vaccinated

The Canadian’s hope was to reject the vaccine

Only fools do not change their mind. Jesse Ylenen chose his side.

Simon-Olivier Lorenz

Simon-Olivier Lorenz

The Canadian’s hope told the Finnish media Evening news He reconsidered his decision and eventually received a vaccine against COVID-19.

Tap CH Rookie revealed last Sunday that only 21-year-old Ylenen, who had not been properly vaccinated, had been invited to the camp. In doing so, he was forced into detention when he entered Canada, which left him missing the first days of camp as well as two performance games played against young players by Ottawa senators.

Finn, the club’s second round pick in 2018, has been invited to CH’s main training camp starting Thursday.

Ylönen told journalist Ville Toure that he had not been pressured by the company and that the decision on whether or not to vaccinate in the end was his own. After some thought, he came to the conclusion that “the season would have been difficult” if he had not changed his position.

The striker, who wants to play this season with Laval Rocket in the American League, may not have played in CH school club matches in America because he would have had to be under house arrest on every return. It would have cost him 22 of Rocket’s 72 games.

His status with Canadians can also be seriously understood. According to a protocol established by the NHL in collaboration with the Players’ Association, players in a circuit that decides not to be vaccinated will be disqualified for games they cannot play due to their choice or if they lose. Infected with COVID-19 after violating current health regulations. We can predict that Ylenen, one of the first players to be recalled from the minors when the Canadian was injured, would drop several ranks in the company’s hierarchy. However, he should get his stripes back through his vaccine.

Tyler Bertuzzi is the most famous name among some NHL players who have not been vaccinated so far. The young star of the Detroit Red Wings will lose all of his team’s games on Canadian soil in 2021-2022 and mark a salary of $ 450,000.

Earlier this week, Columbus Blue Jackets hinted that Jack Rinaldo would not report to club training camp and that he had not played in the NHL this season. Rinaldo, who spoke at a rally of the People’s Party of Canada, a political party opposed to the vaccine passport, has not yet been vaccinated. Jackets assigned him to the American League School Club until further notice. The company also showed the door to assistant coach Sylvain Lefebvre a few days ago for the same reasons.

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