June 6, 2023

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Charles Hamelin detached himself from the role of Antoine

Charles Hamelin detached himself from the role of Antoine

In a post on his social media on Wednesday afternoon, short-track speed skater Charles Hamelin warned himself and his ex-wife Marion Saint-Galeis and the people between the Antoine and Frederick characters in the TV series. Turn, Transmission in Novo transmission waves.

“Small warning in the new television series Turn, Hamelin writes. First of all, I love knowing that there is speed skating on our screens. Antoine, on the other hand, is not I, the character he invents. “

Hamelin continues by repeating the words of producer Luis Morissette published in the pages Journal of Montreal Last week.

“Frederick’s character is not Marianne and vice versa, and her new ex is not Antoine Charles Hamelin.”

As he prepares for the first World Cup of the season, which takes place in Beijing on October 21 and wants to avoid any distractions, the 1,500-meter world champion is reluctant to give an interview. His personal guard said Charles had not seen the television series, but the first show, which aired on September 15, raised questions in his entourage and he wanted to answer them.

For his part, producer Luis Morissette said he understood the speed skater’s approach, but wanted to reassure everyone about the scenario.

“I understand that Charles separates himself from the character, but this is fiction. This is why we did not meet Charles because we did not want to be tainted by his personal history in the writing of the illustration. Will be close. “

The ex-spouse is away

Morissette warns that the TV series will take a completely different turn from the third episode.

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“In the first two episodes, the sporting theme is even more so, we were inspired by Marion’s journey, but this couple’s relationship is not the main one in the series. I do not want to shoot them. Punches, But Antoine’s character appears on the edge from the third episode. Because of this, I told his entourage to wait a bit, but the emotion prevailed. Blowing on the fire is their choice. “

To continue Morissette “Marianne is the gateway to this series, but we’ll go somewhere else later.” It is the story of a woman who finds herself after leaving the whirlwind of her sporting life, a woman lost because she never cared for herself and not because of a romantic breakup. “

Morissette set the table with Sylvain Simard a few months before the first episode aired.

“His agent, Sylvain, was a friend and I assured him that I was not a lad and that I would not play with his life and his prestige. Charles is a man I respect very much with an impressive career. I have always followed his career. We met a few times during operations in Canada. “