December 8, 2022

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Mouv ‘Gaming: Efootball 2022

Mouv 'Gaming: Efootball 2022

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

It’s like this fall’s revolution for sports games, Konami He decided to discontinue his PES Pro Evolution soccer football game series Has been installed in the world of video games for over twenty years. Ten years ago FIFA was a serious competitor, declining for a few episodes Football 2022. And the content and well-kept is in line with the times by abandoning the so-called Konami classic. Free to play That isToI.e. completely free with seasonal system, it is implemented and regularly enriched with new updates and new content. When we talk about it, we think for sure Fortnight Or to Call of Duty Warson, It adopted this system many years ago, shooting games so it remains to be seen if it will work in a soccer game. To eventually push the system Match pass system Will be set up to earn rewards after the season.

A game and duels

We calculate the gameplay level Motion matching function It allows you to evaluate the ball in real time according to the speed of movement, body direction or physical ability, in short the game is tailored to the skills of each player. We also note one Improved artificial intelligence, Added after the season combos, focuses on dual fights between players behind the console with an online football game, but duels on the field with strike strength and dribbling intensity. A special camera is also placed to emphasize 1 on 1 while zooming in on the player..

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